How do “good” players predict the exact amount of units by type that they need to beat your army. - I play Brits so maybe that is the problem

I’ve recently played someone that when I watched the replay, they walked directly to two XP treasures with heros and started pressuring me with 2 sepoys, 3 Gurkha, and then it only grew into small masses from there while constantly circling the base with a force larger than I could ever grow.

But this same pattern I’ve noticed when I play vs Germans now too…players seem able to “flood” your base and constantly maintain pressure while also having the exact amount of units they need to hold pressure so that no resources are wasted while gaining the economic edge.

wtf is the deal? if I use resources on a balanced force it seems like they immediately switch. Is that it? Scouting + just making the counter

I would add having unit shipments and time them with minute men for a timely pop.

alot of this will be kinda game experience but its not often about exact unit counts and more of a rough idea of what you can expect at certain points in the game.

a lot of it is kinda base on time in my experience and yes having information about what the opponent is doing from scouting, seeing their deck etc.

For example: if you are playing against russia and you see the normal age 2 rush deck (5 cossack - 4 cossack - 13 strelet) then you roughly know what units you will be facing and when (about 40 seconds after the age 2 is proabbly when the cossacks come and you prepare accordingly

I suggest never doing that blindly, cause then as you say the opponent can just respond accordingly.

You either have your own plan (FF, FI age 2, rush etc) and make your own units accordingly to defend that plan and execute it or you are defending so you need units that would counter your their attacks

its always a recipe for disaster when you try to cover as many holes in your army as possible by having the most types of units possible

For germany its basically because Uhlans are free and the 2 uhlans comes basically earlier then most people can get out units, meaning that early on most German players will just freely raid you knowing when you are approximately able to get units out.

If you are playing brits then its good practice I think to practice your own BO (ie manor spam into musk spam and pressure) or the various version of long bow pike etc


It just hits so fast I can get an economic edge but not a military unit edge given I don’t have skirms or cav as easily as other civs. I guess ill try more musk + hussar spam

okay I guess everyone is playing germans now and knows how to beat brits because without a doubt their eco is stronger and they have more men than you do early game so every single time they pressure and you physically cant reach other resource nodes, thus you fall behind and lose… every game is like this now and it wasnt always that way. cool. thank you for balancing the game devs.

German eco is busted because settlers wagon are busted…

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I don’t think germany has an eco better than brit, sure they get a nice boost with the 2/3SW cards early on but otherwise it’s nothing special and you’ll more than make up for that eco boost with your free vills from manors.

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Germany has a better treaty eco and a slightly better supremacy eco, but I don’t think it’s by much. SW can get a 35 % gathering bonus that regular vills don’t get in Age IV, but in supremacy the only eco boost Germany has are the better vill shipments and the fact that Settler Wagons are harder to kill plus the occasional building speed boost, oh and brits don’t get economic theory.

In supremacy 1v1 though the age 4 settler wagon card and eco theory are rarely if ever sent, germany usually just does it’s FF and spam OP shipments to win. Brit would have the better boom, still being able to get like 50 settlers by 8 mins ish.

The match up is definitely germany favoured, though not due to them out eco’ing brit in most cases just overwhelming with it’s fortress age shipments.

Nothing Special, casually sends 4 settlers in age I and 6 settlers in age II + 2 cav units. My guy if that is not special what is special for you :joy::joy::joy:

PS I see that you said otherwise, but still my statement stands. I however share your opinion about Germany just overwhelming the enemy with funny age III shipments.

Germans don’t have some kind of special eco strategy though like brit manors, swede torps, shrines, kanchas etc their bonus is the free cav so they overwhelm with constant raids and strong fortress age shipments. Spain for example is another strong FF civ but they can also get 99v in 15 minutes with marvelous year. Germany doesn’t have schooners either so going water is very rare for them.

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The matchup is not that favourable to brit iirc so you will have to be somewhat creative

its also not that they have better eco but their tempo is much better since they get military with every shipment and SW shipments are slightly better then normal vil shipments

As long as you can survive that, you scale better with the manor boom

I dont recomend going musk hus in this matchup tbh, musk longbow or longbow pike is probably better, making musks combined with longbow shipment is enough for early ish defenses

If you want to get even more creative then you can try the more insane FI build but this one does go against a lot of the normal thinking in the game so you will just have to practice it

if you want a real answer instead of a place to vent, post a recorded game and I will kindly eviscerate your gameplay and point out mistakes.

because right how you are basically asking how better basketball players shoot the ball in the hoop more than you and steal it from you and score on offense. you’re missing all aspects of fundamentals it probably feels overwhelming.

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As brits you can’t do much in age2, either boom or have sone musket based army push. This is easy to meta game for your opponents.

In response, you shouldn’t bother too much with army. Use a 2 unit comp like musket longbow or hussar longbow or something, be sure to never stack double gold units until you’ve finished your boom and can afford it. You will be gathering wood in age2, so you can have pikes and longbows if need be. Don’t be afraid to tower up as well.

Guys read the post history of this guy. Everyone hacks against him, Everyone cheats every civ is op every unit is op, except for brit because he only plays brits

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There are 22 civs in the game maybe try one that is not brits? You will lose elo, you realise brit is not bad, it is your skill which is bad