Questions about the game

I’d like to buy the game out of nostalgia, just to play some “random map” scenarios, but I have read about a few things I’d like to ask before I do :

1- I read about the AI resigning “easily”, is that still a thing ? Can it be disabled ?
2- Is it possible to switch to the old classic graphics ? I’d honestly like to play like it was in the past.
3- Is the expansion Rise of Rome included ?


1- depends on what your definition of ‘easily’ is and on what difficulty level you’re playing. AoE:DE was improved since the original release, but personally I never paid a lot of attention to that subject and it’s harder to clearly judge, like for example- technical performance.
It’s an archaic game and AI is mostly matching :slight_smile:
2- You can choose game mode when creating a match- either ‘Definitive Edition’ or ‘Classic Mode’
Believe me- you don’t want to :wink: I know what you mean, but devs did a great job and the visuals are just amazing.
If you really feel like you want to see OG graphics- download OG installer. Or even demo- it’s like 25megs or something.
Age of Empires Demo : Ensemble Studios : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
I have a lot of nostalgia for Age of Empires I, but DE is really good-looking and not a lot of reason to go back- demo should be enough for you.

I guess an option like that would be cool tho.

3- Yes.


Hello and welcome!

It’s nice to read that you are interested in the good old Age. I hope you will enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, you can’t turn it off. My personal opinion is that this is one of the points where there is a lot of whining in the community, though. In itself, it is very pleasant that the opponents in this game give up at all. It wasn’t like that in the past. You were still allowed to search for half an hour for any pawns or units that were hiding somewhere.
By the way, this has also happened to me in the DE. But it’s rare. All in all, I personally couldn’t often notice any giving up too early, at least on hard.


Yes, but it also says so in the product description. :wink:

Many greetings.

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You are so right! I too have used the function once for nostalgic reasons. The game starts and I’m like: :scream: “Oh my god, how does that look!!?? How could I ever play this so many times for so long???”, and immediately quit the game again. :sweat_smile:

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I’ve modified my post- there is a classic mode to choose from, I’ve used it maybe 2-3 times when the game came out and completely forgot about it…

Here’s a comparison:

Two things- UI looks small because I’ve scaled it down (range is 75-150%). And also that is maxed game zoom. There are 3 general settings for zoom detail (X1, X2, X4) and within them, you can use a scroll wheel to adjust the camera.

Here’s min zoom scale+ camera max zoomed in:

And for anyone interested- max an min UI scale:

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Thanks everyone for the answers !

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Your welcome.

1 - they don’t resign easily, but sometimes they do when they have less than 4 villagers and few buildings last
2 - you can only play classic mode on random map
3 - yes it is, with many balance changes (imo for the better for much overlooked civs)


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