Questions about the Tool Age ⛏️‎‍🌾

Since 2021 started, I begun to study History. Before that, I wasn’t able to tell what was wrong, or what was right with anything regarding popular culture, but after I submerged myself into the intriguing, fascinating world of human history, I quickly noticed Tool Age was not covered in any books, articles or media I could found. Even when I looked up for the term through my preferred search engine, no useful results popped up, outside Age of Empires.

:white_circle: Is Tool Age supposed to represent Copper Age/Chalcolithic in the game?
:white_circle: Was Tool Age a concept created by developers of this game, back in the nineties, or was it used before by academic people, and then refuted/discontinued?

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I am pretty sure that “Tool Age” is Neolithic Age and perhaps covers Copper Age.

I think they didnt want to use Neolithic because that would still mean its stone age and most likely they didn’t want to use term copper age because that would be bit similar to bronze age. So they use their own term its like age of empires 2 has feudal, castle and imperial age.