Questions to implement new units and abilities

Hello dear modders

Though I’m quite familar with modding in general (eg. AoE3), but AoE4 is something new for me. :wink:
So I’ve a few questions, perhaps someone can answer:

  1. How can one implement a NEW unit/squad (name) easily?
    It works fine with present names. But if I rename the entity (and squad) it will not spawn by dev menu (dev\cheatmenu.lua).

  2. I know, the dev scripts are not fully functional yet. Anyway, does anyone know a solution to spawn a relic by script?
    Similar to the working “SpawnSquadAtMouse(BP_GetSquadBlueprint(…))” I’ve tried “SpawnEntityAtMouse(BP_GetEntityBlueprint(‘relic’))” - but no effect.
    Any idea?

  3. How can I give a ranged unit a torch attack instead the incendiary arrow?
    I’ve tried replacing in weapon table with torch attack from melee units, added in ebps unit_type “torch_thrower”, but this isn’t acknowledged.
    Is there something missing or will it not work at all?

  4. I’ve given a knight the ability to carry relics. Beneath unit type “carrier” added some monks’ squad abilities: pickup_relic, deposit_relic, drop_relic, remove_relic.
    Works fine, he can pickup and drop the relic. But he won’t deliver the relic directly into monastry. Is there missing a tricky setup?
    (unit type ‘monk’ already tried without success)