Queue against +500 elo difference opponents is a problem

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • Build: 101.101.39515.0 5328560
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: MrKirby

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

When queueing for team games RM (and maybe 1v1s and DM too) the limit to which you get queued should be limited to something around 200 or so. The exact number doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t ever be over 300.

We queued for only around 2 minutes. They might’ve queued longer but it feels like this simply shouldn’t happen.

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Go to multiplayer, ranked and queue for RM team games (probably also 1v1,
  2. Possibly get matched against way higher elo players
  3. Have wasted time for both (0 elo lost or won for either team)

:arrow_forward: IMAGE & ATTACHMENTS

Game was played First of August 2020, Around 17:39 (Timezone: GMT + 1, Summer Time)
Steam id: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrKirbyWar/

Those 3 guys look like a stack, they keep teaming together (dont think they enjoy beating a 2k2 team), they should try solo queue for team games, problem solved!

How does that make any sense?? I should not get matched against people that much bettter. I agree it can’t be fun but it’s nog their failt. That’s like saying a pro team can’t stack in match making just because the matchmaking system can’t properly match semi-equal teams.

Exactly! what I was saying

Good to see we agree the match making system is indeed flawed and needs changing.

did you guys win the game or get rekt?

jokes aside maybe there just isn’t enough players so you guys got paired up with them. if all the pros stack they’d never get the game, hence whoever is next highest team gets paired up against the pros… tough luck bruh

Well, the dark, feudal and castle age was sort of okay. It was on Oasis so it was a wall fest. But in IMP we got rekt on both sides.

To answer your question, I assume for the same reason that that must’ve been the reason why we got paired with them (the lack of players). That said, it was a waste of time for either. I don’t think anyone wants a game like this over a couple minutes waiting. (Assuming it’d have been a couple minutes)

Age is in a situation where the relatively low amount of online players needs to be matched but I can’t help but feel that there should be a cap. Maybe at two or three hundred or so. Not sure.

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You are in the top 5% of all team game players. You need to expect other great players. The number of players with very high or low elo is low, so expect bigger gaps between the players. This is also happening at 1v1 ratings. Have a look at the 5 latest games of Hera:

Most games have a 400-500 elo gap. That is just how this system works and that is totally fine for me.

There are other issues with TG ratings. About ratings not being reiable. I made my own thread about this:


Look, I understand WHY I get matched against these peeps, but it shouldn’t do that. It’s wasting my time and I’m 100% sure a more balanced match would have been found within the ~20 to 30 min this match took…

All I’m saying is, there should be a gap. It’s a waste of time, we don’t lose elo, they don’t gain any and it’s not a great experience for either…

Had a match against a team of 2.5k today, that’s not a problem, that’s semi competitive…

You know this only happens if the team with high elo already waited for some time? Can be they are already in the queue for 10 minutes before they get matches. How longer you wait, how looser the required elo will be. This is done so players arent stuck in the queue forever. There is nothing more boring than just being stuk in the queue for a long time.

The current system works as designed and you seems to agree with that part, since you understand the why you got matched. This means: This is no bug at all. This is works as designed.

If the system is a good system is another discussion. I would advice you to make a thread about your suggestion to change the rule set behind the current system in the discussion board. Than we can see if most users agree or disagree with your new rule set to get matches.

That’s fair. When creating this thread it felt like a bug as we were only in the queue for two minutes. Only after writing most of it, I realised it could have been that they were in the queue for longer… Forgot that that impacted the type of report I was writing. Thanks!


The queue is two minutes for you with the lower rating but the top of the ladder is sitting in 2 hour + queues right now for solo-queue 3v3’s and 4v4’s. I imagine it’s even longer for stacks.

Also, team game elo’s are just plain not working right now. Ppl with <900 1v1 elo have 2k+ ratings in team games. So as much of a one-sided stomp as this should be for 2800 vs 2200’s, a 2200 vs 2000 could be an even worse and even more frequent stomp just because the team game ELO is not accurate.

No offense to you in particular, but any of ‘these’ responses don’t make any sense. It doesn’t matter that elo is broken… Even if, for pros, the wait time would be this long, it shouldn’t match anyone wayy below them vs the pros. Because it’s not fun. A game is supposed to be fun. Age has a simple problem, not enough players. This will result in pros not being able to find team games. That’s the reason they have a steam group for it.

Low amount of players should result in some matches being a little unfair from the start. That said, it shouldn’t be this much of a difference (The one I showed)