Queue Dodging Timeout Feedback

totally agreed with that. Punishing people for want to choose maps its stupid. It even ended up backfiring and affecting almost everyone, and in top of that tg queues are longer and matches are more unballanced than ever.


Well its still a concept that aoe2 tryd to hold and thats why i should be random maps and no favourable maps also they might misscalculated the risk of everyone getting punished instead of just the leaving person but in all standards i think unsportsmanlke dodging just to get one map shouldt be a thing in the first place

i can agree dodging is bad if the game gives you unlimited map bans. however because the system is so bad their is nothing wrong with dodging to try and get your prefered map. i speak only for 1v1’s because i know infinite map bans doesent quite work for team games.


I mean its more unlikely in 1v1 but more frequent in tg and its a problem we cant just sweep under the rug anymore

i would be fine if they kept the que ban for team games but removed it for 1v1s. or at the very least just ad an arena only que to 1v1

Two hours of ban because someone ALTed+F4 on a Megarandom map I wanted to play. Same for the previous two bans. The first ban was because I resigned in a 4vs4 after three of them resigned on the first minute. This is absolutely unacceptable and a huge step backward. At least before I had to queue for few more minutes. Now I get unfairly punished and I can not play a game I purchased. Fixing those false positives should be the absolute priority!!!

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It could have been worse.
You could have been punished for being the last human resigning against the AI. :rofl:

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Let me understand this. You chose a 2 hour ban rather than waiting five minutes to resign? And you knew this was going to happen because it was the same choice you made twice before?


On the contrary. The 2 hours ban (that happened twice in the last three days) happened because someone left the queue during the 60 seconds countdown (eg. before the match). Same issue for idle players that happen to play ranked matches. The current system is broken as it punishes everyone regardless.

What do you mean you can`t play the game you purchased? There are so many modes you can play without getting banned for wasting other players time: lobby, single player etc.

Why in the hell do I get matchmaking cooldown when someone else resigned when the game loaded and I don’t wanna play 3v4 so I exit right after, in that case why do I get 5 mins? this change has been out for a while and no fix for this issue has come out yet. Not sure what exactly you are doing on the dev side at the moment.


stupid comment i readed today.

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Why am I getting locked out for 5 minutes when your game crashes during a search? Remove this ridiculous penalty and fix your matchmaking system.



I posted 2 month ago here in this forum that I would like an option to play arabia only on the ladder or in general play the map i want to play. With the new timeout rules, that is not an option, so last weekend i sat down with a friend and we tried to make playing different maps like nomad and oasis fun, but it is just not possible for us…

We are just getting wrecked, over and over on all maps that aren’t Arabia. And on Arabia most of the time, the game ends in Feudal Age, because our skill level is much higher than our tg-elo, because we are loosing on all other maps.

What i want to say is, currently noone has fun. Our opponents on Arabia don’t have fun and we don’t have fun getting crushed on nomad.

PLEASE just give us unlimited bans or a way to play Arabia on the ladder!

In case anybody thinks, time is gonna change that and we will improve on nomad. Yes, we will, but it took us around 1000 hours to reach the level on arabia we are right now and even if it would only take 250 hours to get on that level on nomad, we can’t practise it because we cannot play ONLY nomad and next month there will only be land nomad, which is totally different for someone who has never played nomad or something like that.

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I really like the idea, it is useful. But it is very annoying that other people get punished for someone that resigns in the first minute… For the second time someone resigns instantly (not me) and i’m now on a timeout for 10 min… I didn’t alt F4… They should really fix this… It’s annoying…

This timeout is a pathetic attempt to punish players again who just want to have control over maps.

Start respecting your players.


They have showed their respect by un-pinning this topic so it can go to waste :slight_smile:


The timeout is s worthy component they add because selfish player just ruin the expierence for anyone else


Except you can get penalty even if your team resigns and you’re the only one left.
Should I play against 3-4 enemies at once? Why should I wait 5 minutes to resign when it’s obvious I’m just wasting time and I’d rather search for a new game?

And you get the penalty against the AI in quick play too, in the same situation (last player remaining), which is beyond absurd.

Not to mention crashes, disconnects, black screen bugs that imho are multiplying now. Months without any problem, after DotD dropped I got a shitload of crashes and bugs. The last one the screen goes very dark, and the UI stops being responsive and you can’t even alt+f4, you have to open task manager and kill the aoe process.

Some of us don’t really have all day to play, a bug and a team resign and you’re already facing multiple minutes of ban. At that point better do something else.


Seriously go do some other stuff for 5 minutes if your team resigns. Wash the dishes, use the bathroom, put the laundry in the washing machine, feed your cat, take a shower, do some push-ups, rest your eyes. And then return to your PC resign ant start anew. Seriously that 5 minutes wait is not a big price for curbing dodgers. Just learn not to think of it as a time wasted, your cat will appreciate it too.

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