Queue Dodging Timeout Feedback

Included in update 54480 is an initial measure aimed at discouraging queue dodging. Players who Alt+F4 out of queues will receive progressive timeouts and their ability to rejoin the queue will be affected depending on the frequency with which they disconnect to work around the matchmaking system.

Please leave a comment in this topic for feedback on this recent change.


Well, in my first game after the “fix”, I already had someone resign a few seconds into the match. I’d much rather just not be matched with people if we don’t want to play the same settings.


Well , i m ussually using the alt+ f4 thinghy . I m at 1800 elo , there are 2 guys who always ban arabia . They literally dodge evey single map besides islands/ megarandom and arena . So i m alt+f4 ing too , cuz i wanna have fun with the game , i don t want to be forced to play a map i don t like . Why should i get banned ? cuz i m trying to have fun with the game ? Really ? There should be an option for every player to ban how many maps he wants . if u want to play only arena , u ll have to wait more in the queue , but u won t get dodged . same for me , instead of waiting 4 mins as ussuually , i ll have to wait 5 mins , but i ll only get arabia . This is the best way to solve the problem imo . Also , if a map gets queues longer than 10 mins , that map shouldn t be in the map pool .


Here is my first impression, i got 3 strikes in a row.

I got a team where 2 guys dropped just starting, so i got punished cause of them, yeas cause i resigned lol, second game one guy wasn’t playing so we resigned, so second strike 10 mins cause of strangers and lastly i dodge the same guys cause i got them on the MM again so my reward was 3 strike +20 mins punishment, logged off to switch nick but i am feeling this is going to be more about the same, oh and i forgot to add once you get the stupid window notification the game freezes so you can’t even spec or play SP, literally you get banned from the game.

Thank you devs for your amazing work!!!


Sounds like it is working as intended. People are choosing to tank their ELO instead of wait. It should sort itself out in a month.


People instant resign, now that they can’t dodge by alt-f4.
That’s how it works now.

But the overall rate of properly played teamgames increased already.

The smurfing and resign without team consent should be fixed next.

edit: There seems to be also a time penalty on early resign.


My hope is that in a couple of days the instant resigning will also decrease once players realise the queue delay applies to these actions too. But, it is really bad that this wasn’t mentioned anywhere in patch notes. In fact, there should have been a in-game message about this.


It’s not been a day yet. As such, people haven’t yet adapted to the new system, and are gripping hot irons they didn’t know are now hot.

Give it a few days, natural selection will weed out the (very few) people who lack self-preservation and shall continue to induce this self-harm and the rest of the players will relatively smoothly adapt to actually playing a game outside of the one true map every once in a while.


i just realized that i don’t have to requeue, if someone dodges.
that is overpowered.

when now smurfs are detected/compensated and all the guys with the yellow/red clock are kicked out, tg queue might become a thing.


Now i m pretty sure i ll just insta resign on maps like archipelago , socotra , arena , acropolis etc . I m not a pro , i only play this game cuz i wanna have fun . arabia is the only map where u can actually play aggressive , so i wanna play only arabia .


it doesn’t work properly. i did not disconnect from any games and got this message


Devs, why is there no information about queue delay effect for players who resign after the game starts? This is causing a lot of confusion. Such a sloppy execution.


Did you by chance resign at start of a game?


the game never loaded


Sigh. I’m guessing we should just avoid ranked queue for a few days/weeks until devs improve the implementation. Sloppy ■■■■ up as usual.


You want to play aggressive, so you ban Socotra?



socotra is just about laming and towers ( at least at my elo )

Can report them now, dont know will it help. or not.

i really don t get the point of asking for bans/ time outs . This is just a game , we all wanna have fun . i m really not having fun on any other maps besides arabia . why should i be forced to play archipelago ?


As a player who never alt-F4s I enjoy the change.