Queue timeout

do you guys think their is any chance of them removing the stupid que timeout any time soon? i am realy getting tired of only able to try and play ranked once every 20 hours. all i want to play is arena and before the change i could get a game every hour. now i literaly go weeks before getting an arena game and im pretty tired of waiting

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I hope not. It was unplayable before.

I have no tears to cry for people who Alt-f4 and if you get a 20 hour ban then you deserve it.

The only thing we should hope for is map specific queues/ unlimited bans (separate queues per map).


that would be prefered as hour long wait times pre change was also not optimal. i fell like if they give infinite map bans i could prob get a 30 minute que

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I agree with you. However, there was a massive issue where it seems like most of the people getting timed out are getting kicked by the system or having some other problem, rather than deliberately Alt-F4ing. I think the best solution is to revert the change, and then let everyone go through the entire list of maps, ban whatever they like, and then give all the other maps 1-5 stars. The system then tries to find a match based on the highest common star rating. It could take a while for everyone to set up, but it could work a lot better then the currently rotating map pool.

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Also, queue is spelt like that. It’s actually really weird, but I thought I’d point it out, in case you want to fix it.

There are plenty of arena games open in the lobby at any point of time, why wasting your time in the ranked queue? Thats where likely-minded players gather to play the map they want after all. Lets face it Ranked matchmaking just does not suit you.

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i wouldent say ranked matchmaking doesent suit me. i have 2100 games in 1v1 ranked and i enjoyed every minute of it. the problem with lobby games is that they are mostly low elo and its basicaly impossible to find another 1900+ player just by hosting a lobby. the matchmaking of the ranked queue is realy a marvel i just wish it did not take weeks to find a game

Well i guess thats the price you pay for being too picky about your matches. There are only that many players in the world within your desired ELO range who only play Arena or dont mind playing Arena.
If you`re that good - try creating a 1vs2 or even 1vs3 lobby game. That can be fun, challenging and you can get “Masterpiece” steam achievement.
Also have you tried Quick Play mode? I suggest you give it a try as well.


thats why im fine with hour long que times i know im picky. but 20 hours per que is just too much. also quick play suffers from the same que and low skill issues as both ranked que and unranked lobby

I don’t think Alt+F4 is the solution, but I do think the current map pool is really bad for finding defensive games. Seems like Arabia players are just banning Arena, Islands and Land Nomad, which means we’re all stuck playing on one of the 4 Arabia clones (Runestones, Gold Pit, or Land Madness). There should never be four maps so similar in the pool at once, it just gives full map choice to one group of players and removes any map choice from others.

I’d much rather see some variety, but we don’t even get a hybrid map. No megarandom, no hideout, I already miss Fortress, despite the unconventional start. I guess we just get 2 weeks of being scout rushed and raided to death… how fun and strategic.

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Perfect opportunity for learning how to play open maps defensively. Although i agree that the map pool this time offers too little map variety.

Why not just play the game 30mins average game is less waiting than 20hrs. Or if you really don’t want to play any other settings, enter the game, wait and resign. That’s like 6mins max waiting.

What the hell are you talking about? He had no trouble finding an Arena game on Voobly during the past 10 years, and now you are telling him, he can’t find one on DE, even though Arena is still the 2nd most played map?

Day after day we keep seeing these topics where now even 1000+ hours players have to stop playing due to how absurd the system has become, and the first thing he sees on this forum is a bunch of psychologists telling him he’s a toxic person and should play 1vs3 in the lobby instead to earn Steam achievements, the same people who also said not to quit early against AI, and advise people to check their GPUs when people report game crashes. The guy has reached1900 Elo do you think he needs your advice on how the game should be played and how he should have fun?

The reason why he can’t play Arena is not because he’s too picky or whatever nonsense it’s Arena is a map disliked by most higher Elos, so most people ban it, and so the current aberration of a matchmaking keeps matching OP against people who ban Arena, and he has to Alt-F4 even though there are other people who would like to play Arena with him. Unlimited bans would have solved that a long time ago but here we are after 2 years of developers laziness.


Something I always try to keep in mind now is that voobly had no matchmaking system, but a much better lobby system and support for communities using it.

As such the thing I would normally advocate for here is a better lobby system in DE. However OP said this:

So clearly they want to play with the matchmaking system, which is new and different. So you can’t expect it to be the same experience as voobly.

I don’t think the current system is great, and I really like another suggestion someone just posted about having no map bans at all. Check it out, I can’t link as
I’m on a phone right now.

Now , you make other people restart a queue only once every 20 hours at max.
For these people, this system is an improvement.

No it’s not. I favor Arabia myself, I get it 90% of the time, and yet if I was matched against OP on Arabia, I would absolutely not mind if he would Alt-F4 against me. And I don’t want OP to be timed out either. His only sin is essentially that he does not share the preferences of the majority. In general I would not call banning 1000+ hours players an “improvement”. We have already “improved” the game so much that now the queue is almost only Arabia.

Besides OP is not going to stop playing the game, he’s going to make a smurf, or AFK 5 minutes then resign. I don’t see how any of those improves the system for others.

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thank you. im glad their is atleast 1 person in this comunity who doesent think im some horrible asshole for wanting to play arena. you understand my perspective perfectly and i greatly apresiate your defence of me


For the record I don’t think you’re horrible, I have commented on many of these types of post and created my own asking about what voobly was like to better understand.

I just think Matchmaking is different and it feels like you’re trying to make it into something it cannot be (unless the player base is massively increased). Sort of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

I am grateful to all the voobly players, playing the same maps and creating communities. I have loved exploring them all. DM CBA FN and ofc arena clowns, nomad experts, the works. They might not exist if we had matchmaking from the start.

Something needs to change for sure, in my opinion an improvement to the lobby system would be amazing. To transfer over the support and community building bits from voobly. I don’t believe the change can be to try and make matchmaking into voobly, again unless the player base is increased massively.

So thanks, and I’m sorry you’re struggling. I do hope we can sort it out and I don’t wish for you to stop playing.

thanks for the kind words. i was refering to a discord conversation where everyone seemed to think i was the scum of the earth for altf4ing and wishing the timeout to stop even though i admited that altf4 is not the desireble solution to choosing maps

Why only play Arena though, that really is the only map that gives you joy to play? :frowning: