Queue times?

Hey! I just started playing multiplayer and enjoy it much but the queues are just silly… Is it becuase I bought the game in microsoft store and not steam or are the queues like this in lower ratings?

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How are your queue times? I guess long but, how long? got my games going in 2 - 8 min, Im average player, do you have crossplay enabled in game settings (this makes steam and MS store players able to play together)?

my times are like pretty much always 15 min + and i think average around 30

edit: crossplay was enabled

I cant see any games in the lobby either.

In that case make sure that your game is up to date. Latest build is 34793.

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I feel silly now… Thanks alot dude!

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did updating your game make a difference?

Does anyone else felt sad realising that the people KAPTENKLAMYDIA used to play against, are still out there with no way of knowing that the game has a lot bigger players’ pool and that they can find a game faster?

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