Quick addition to the "Select All" hotkeys that would make life easier

I am currently using “Select All” hotkeys for my TCs and my military buildings instead of using control groups. It is easier for me because I don’t have to append every newly constructed building to my already existing control groups. The only downfall: I can’t double tap the key “Select All” hotkeys to select and center to the buildings. This is super useful especially at the start of the game to center to your TC, your Castle, or your production bulding. I would highly appreciate if the developper could make the Select All hotkeys to center on double tap to make my life much easier. I know that I can use cycle hotkeys in addition to “Select All” to go to the TC and such, or that I can “Select All” than assign to a control group to do the desire effect, but it demands much more effort and keyboard space. Please I would highly appreciate it. TY AOE2 DE USER: ozymandias_qc


You can try Select All then press space bar, I think it does what you want. You need to have all the buildings in the same place tho. Select all buildings hotkeys are really nice, but not recommened to use them 100% of the time, dont want to be producing halbs in the other corner of the map and having them on foot to battle.

Still I recommend to control group buildings.

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There is a hotkey called “Go to Selected Object” in “Cycle Commands”. That should solve your problem.

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Thank you for the reply. I forgot about the “Go to selected” hotkey. You are correct that control group should be more flexible in messy post-imp situation. I’ll take your advice into consideration.

You could try setting the key for “go to a Town Center” and “select all town centers” to the same key. then when you have only 1 town center, it will behave like the go to town center hotkey, while if you have more than 1, it will prioritize the select all town centers key(Without centering tho)