Quick ai aggression mod i made for de

this is a quick AI mod that makes it more aggressive, build town centers and forts, make better default/counter units, better decks, and maintain villager production. guaranteed to attack before ten minutes if it has access and vision on you. currently doesn’t build trade posts.
if you have the steam version, you can download it and play with others online.

there are currently several things about the current ai that i would like the devs to change, will post later when i have all my thoughts on the ai ordered.

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Wow, so quick. What language is the Ai written here?

its xml, file is called .xs
u can use note pad or word to change it. personally recommend notepad++

Did you change the DE xml?

I’d like to try this out as the current AI is just mediocre. All of them seem to ignore things like berries (except Japanese), trade routes, Market improvements such as Great Coat, Blunderbuss, and/or Spirit/Eastern Medicine. Possibly all Market-related upgrades, even?

Then there’s the return-to-base gimmick they quickly pulloff when attacking with a large army… where’s the upgrade? :confused: