Quick Appreciation


Thank you for MegaRandom, I hope you continue to support, tweak and add additional variables to the generation algorithm. It’s great. Hands down the best way to play AOE in my opinion. I almost wish there was some sort of quickmatch queue for it. AOE is best when random (but fair) elements force players to react and strategize on the fly!



Agreed. It would be cool if they had a queue system for MegaRandom. Normally when I see custom matches for it there are only 2/8 people in the lobby.

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IF THEY ADD IT TO RANKED. THEN YES!! If not its dead jim

Thank you very much developers for mega random.

I suggest an additional option “advanced mega random”. Besides the random map there is randomness in how you start a game each time. For example one time everyone starts with an additional keep, once everyone starts with 20 villagers and so on.

See my post for details:

This way no fix build orders can be used and every game would be different.

In addition I suggest that you not see the civs from your opponents in the loading screen. You have to scout it.

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I think this would remove the only “competitiveness” of the map. I’d say. create a mod for something like that :slight_smile: