Quick matching still sucks

I continue to get incredibly lopsided teams in quick matches 3v3 and 4v4s

Also map rotation sucks, archipelago 3/5 times.

Not fun when both my teammates are incompetent and all three enemies are attacking and you’re the only one with any military.


I’ve been complaining about this for months… thats how my ELO score went down to the floor… tired of losing because of the incompetent teammates…

I have just won a match where one guy in the enemy team had ZERO army (literally checked after match) after 45 MINUTES of gameplay… i mean such level of noobness I’ve never seen before…


Quick matching doesn’t suck. Playing team games with randoms sucks. This is reality in every single MP game, RTS or not. Play with friends, play 1v1 or have low expectations about your random team games. A variation of this topic exists for every MOBA, RTS, FPS, etc. that’s out there. It’s not the game, not the devs, not the quickmatching algorythm, it’s just inherent to playing team games with random people.


I hate 1vs1 and I dont have any friends that play this game… how then could I do what you suggest? I trusted the matching system so… I dont have any other options

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I don’t know why it takes so long to find a match even in 1v1 games, the server pop is not that bad, and I have just started playing at 1000 elo. On top of that there’s that countdown timer where people can switch civs or dodge the map or the player. I am fine with choosing civs after a map has been assigned, but atleast don’t let people dodge without repercussions. Same goes for quitters, having some sort of penalty to that might help. I used to play aoe3de, and matching is just as slow as that if not better. And mind you aoe3de has barely any server pop.

I have to agree that the new matchmaking is step to wrong direction.

Even before when i was around 1600-1700elo in 2v2 I got paired up with 800 elo player but now im steadily getting players with 900-1200 elo range. While needless to say my elo has dropped quite lot like 200 since my highest peak.

But lot of it comes down to ppl just quitting. For example had Chinese doing tower rush and quit after opponent walled his second wave of villagers even tho the rush was still going and alive.

Or ppl just quiting instantly when they see rush coming. Had like handful of games in past few days where if they see 5-10 longbowmen poking their base they just quit. Most of them been HRE players.

I would love to see feature that punishes ppl that leaves even before game has started properly but something like that is impossible to do. I just have to accept that if Im not going with premade which i dont want to do I cannot get higher than this. I hope in ranked they throw away mentality where if person quits they can just be cool and not get punished if they ever do TG ranked

Also keep in mind that because people are leaving, we end up with new players more often than before.
They feel intimidated by the map, or just don’t know what to do, etc. And those new players will feel frustrated and leave the game soon too.
I think you should find people with similar skills as you and play TGs with them. That’s better than just rolling the dice for decent random teammates.

Discord, it’s where you find teammates, my son finds friends there regularly, build a team.

Go on discord community aoe4 , you will find some mate , don’t be angry to play with guyes unskilled ? It’s this in every single games who propose quick match with random , find some friends and play only with them like myself , if I’m alone I play 1v1 if my friends are there I play team game

I agreed for the pool of map , too many water map I think …

What are you talking about? You could absolutely team balance based on ELO or whatever metrics you want to use. Doing that would be simple.
But there would most likely not be enough players, resulting in horrible queue times. Not being able to retain enough player interest to feed a good 4v4 matchmaking pool is the game’s problem though.

But yeah, keep telling people that they just don’t know how to enjoy the game properly, lol. What a joker.

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It needs option to opt out of pre-made teams. AKA when you tick this option you dont get matched against teams pre-made (feel like I need to spell it out for the developers to understand too).


Yeah I feel this is really a part of the issue

What happens if my friend is ELO 1400 and I am ELO 1000 but we are grouped? Who’s ELO does it use to match us?

Groups should be matched against other groups of the same size/compounded ELO

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No, what are YOU talking about?
The game already uses elo to matchmake team games. The issue with OP is that he is playing with random people and team games often have arranged teams.

Ideally yes but the queue times would be insane. Even SC2 with largest RTS pop ever does not have separate team game queues like this.

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It calculates the average of the team. So 1200 in your case.

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No, I believe it’s FL nerf. 100% correlation.

I strongly believe that a system needs to be inserted into the matchmaking system but sad to say I have not played one multiplayer game in any age of empire game and I will also not play one ever, probably.
I also do not have friends that play on the same level so I am forced to look at forums for decent teammates or trust the system of the game that is called matchmaking. It is in this system that we need a system that awards and penalize players for their efforts.

For example: I know a game where leaving a matchmaked game you started will give you a timer so you cannot que again as quickly, okay weak example but it is only to point us towards the essence of the text. I would love a status pinned towards this. Something like: “Flees in Battle” or “Trustworthy Peasant”.

But, I like the concept of a system where you get a status of being a good teamplayer, like a ranking or something. How this should be calculated I will leave for the developers as they get the money to figure it out but the gist of it is there for many years. Build something that rewards players that play for team effort and also do not let starting players or casual players join the pro’s or wannabe pro’s in matchmaking. I believe some people in this thread could agree or even contribute towards this info.
I always loved the idea that effort gets a rewards not only a win or a loss. I always loved the idea that MP should be as much fun as SP. The status can influence people to do the right thing and that is to learn and be better in what you do. Solo or in team. What makes you good solo will contribute towards a positive team spirit and results.


“yeah” Glad to see your wise comments here too. :slight_smile: Sry but nope the quality of games has decreased considerable amount. Dw already climbing back to +1600 :slight_smile: