Quick question: are balance pathes only tied with DLCs?

hi! just a quick question i have.

i have been back to the games few months ago after early DE so i do not really know how the trend for balance patches is, and i’m curious to know: are patches always or almost always tied to new content AKA DLCs? or they have a somewhat fixed shedule? or they happen randomly?

i very much enojoy balance patches because they obviously increase the playability for me making civs more interesting to play and fixing problems with the game, and even see if things we theorycraft on the forum about buffs, nerfs, or tweaks, are saw by the devs and implemented in some way.

so i’m curious to know more about the update situation of the game at this stage and when do you think the next balance patch will be maybe

thank you all for the attention and the help, very much appreciated

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No they have patches outside dlcs. They usdd to have them about monthly but that no longer happens


They aren’t supposed to be DLC only, even if they got slown down in the past few months. With the new civs they aren’t going to wait whatever amount of time there is until next one (which is anywhere between 6 months and infinity cuz lol no road map) to change them. I feel like it’s going to be two months after release at the latest like it was for DotD, so probably in June.


do we know why they slowed down the patches? did DEVS made a change in their policy or something?

Because its getting harder to make balance changes as civs sre closer then ever to balanced?

Following a larger scale balance patch there’s typically a smaller scale bug fixing patch. This allows for collection of data on the changes and planning for future ones. DLCs introduce new content which potentially includes new bugs and also a lot of balance changes, which take time to assess.

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Balance patches will still happen but less often. They announced some time ago that the monthly updates will get smaller and big updates (which usually contain balance changes) will only be released quarterly or so.

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Thank you very much for the articulated and clear reply!

Where did they say that?
I miss the old monthly balance changes. I understand that monthly patches is untenable and fewer balance changes means the game is more balanced than ever.
But even the speculation of the changes and the proposals to buff or nerf some civs became interesting

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balance is largely fixed, so they don’t need monthly changes anymore.

i think they ran out of funding and decided the game is good enough.
to me it appeast they release thedlc, then one bigger balance/bugfix patch and thats it until the next dlc

yeah on that i pretty much agree