Quick question regarding celts unit choice

Hey everyone, i have some quick questions regarding unit choices for celts players.

1/- Are woad raider worth it ? I find it difficult to justify their higher cost use since the introduction of supplies. each woad raider cost 20 food and 5 gold more than a champion for slightly better stat. The upgrade of maa into champion only cost 1250 food and 515 gold, which is slightly cheaper than the upgrade for woad raider (1000 food 800 gold).

2/- Can I use elite skrimisher to counter arabalester ? I mean skirmisher lacking bracers and the last armor upgrade (and also thumb rings) againt fu arabalester. Is it still cost effective ?

3/- Are celts hussards any usefull for raid ? lacking bloodlines and the last armor upgrades.

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If you are talking post imp the answer is only 1: go halbs + siege. that should always be your goal.
In general: woads are viable and can be amazing if can use their superior mobility, something that champions lack even if you are playing celts.
You can use skirms, but you shouldn’t: your best counter to arbalest are onagers, which are devastating
Celts hussars are really bad at raiding, but you can somehow make them work.

Once again, the idea with celts is to use their superior siege (be it extra hp siege ram or onager that fire faster) to destroy your enemy while protecting it with your halbs. You shouldn’t be that focused on raiding because that’s not exactly the strenght of celts, even if you can use woads in that role (and make no mistake, they are really strong at that).
Celts are really strong, but not that easy to play


“Celts eat TC”

Do a Siege + Pike push in early castle Age. You will be amazed about how much pressure this puts on your opponent…


also this. if you manage to make a forward it will be a nightmare to clean it once celts siege is out

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yes the speed is definitely worth it, celt champs are still slower than a halb with squires while woads are faster than a knight without husbandry

It is cost effective but is not ideal with other units around. You should be using siege by imp or you’re losing as Celts anyway

pure raiding, I guess they’re okay but you probably won’t need them if you play by Celts’s strengths


Yes, yes, and yes.

Think of woad raiders as a cavalry unit that doesn’t get countered by spears.

And LC/Hussars are always good especially if your opponent doesn’t get the Hussar upgrade. It’s better later on when you run out of gold :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you every one for your input, that was very intresting to read. I am still in the process of improving my skills and trying to play celts as my main civs.
One more question: Against eagles, champions or woad raiders ? the mobility of the woad raiders is a plus to counter raid, but champion do way more damages.


Think of it as a compensation for champs for their slow speed so they dish more damage if they get an engagement. I’d pick woads as they can chase around Eagles that are raiding; and woads would be be better if the eagles have ranged support