Quickplay team matches seem pointless

New player here and just trying to get some online play in the game and use as many civs as I can online and try them. I have limited time to play and just looking to get into some games and get some experience. I’m not trying to just do only 1v1s (I’ve started to get some in) so I can experiment with civs that aren’t entirely my playstyle or just have a learning curve in general. I haven’t queued team random map yet cause I don’t want to just drag my entire team down being so new to the game and still learning lingo and expected strats for positions. At the same time these quickplay matches are really living up to their name cause as soon as someone sniffs any danger they just resign and leave an entire team hanging and just triggers mass resign. I’ve had 1 full match maybe 2 in the past like 15 and with my limited time its been a few days. Quick play just seems kinda pointless right now does it really have an elo system to it or does it just match whoever together? Should I just queue some ranked random map and just learn everything the hard way? lol


Well, Quickplay is essentially the same as ranked, but without any numbers displayed (they are still there, mind you) and worse matchmaking. So there isn’t really much reason to play quickplay imho, would advise you to just play normal teamgames.


I think you will found many of your answers in this thread.

Conclusion: Quick play is bad, because there is no rating to match players. You are much better off playing ranked. Those games are much more balanced. So dont be afraid by playing ranked. It is the easiest way to get into balance games.

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Yes, indeed, partially some need it
But Only Elementary Student Think the latest old idea(Quick match.QM) is needed for RTS games.

I don’t understand Why do they develop the bad thing for 1 anniversary present.
We have MM and Lobby games. It means very few people use QM.

Also I’m very diasappointed their creativity.

About the Empires mode and especially Battle Royal mode haha…
I think Any children can make those kinds of mode.

The ranked teamplay matchmaking is also a bit broken, but that’s actually working in your advantage here. Elo ratings in team games grow easier than they shrink, so people who have played a lot have an artificially inflated rating. You therefor don’t have to worry a lot about “dragging your team down” because you’re new. You’ll mostly be playing with other relatively new players.


Yeah thanks for the link there are some good points and things I’ve definitely run into through quickplay. The only reason I didnt just dive into team ranked (I’ve already started 1v1 ranked) was cause I didnt know where they put “new” or clean accounts. Some games start you at a 0 value some start you in the “average” rating and I didnt just want to join completely lost.

Normally you start at 1000 elo, but if you already have a 1v1 rating, then you start at that rating.

I think you already have a 1v1 rating based on you post, so you start at that rating for team games as well. For most people their team game rating is higher then the 1v1 rating. So feel free to join the TG ladder as well.

The reason why TG ratings are generelly higher then 1v1 ratings is because of a bug in the calculation. More about this issue in the following thread:

In general TG are less balanced then 1v1s in ranked. But TGs in ranked are still much more balanced then TGs in quick play.

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Exactly this.

This happens in ranked team games as well unless you have an arranged team. And of course everyone will resign after one has left since the devs are too lazy to incorporate an alternative.

A lot of the resignation has nothing to do with players being douches but all the things wrong with the game. Bad match making means people like you could face much tougher opponents even though they have the same elo. There is no come back mechanic. Performance issues. Facing arranged teams. Etc

What it comes down to is the issues you see in QM also affect ranked just not as much…

I only have about 600 ranked random team games though… :joy: :joy:

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I have 9 1v1s played but I have an ~800 elo I can see.
I’ll give that thread a read, but yeah I’ll just queue ranked from now on from the feedback of this post thanks for the info!

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Alright sounds like I was worrying for no reason then thanks lol

I do understand resigning to a point, but some of those matches some resigned or well disconnected idk if the game distinguishes or not. It was getting really irritating to spend like 20 mins for nothing to really happen and people even opponents just leaving.