Quickplay Vs AI

While the community were arguing about the infantry balances, i was looking news for this feature.

Not sure if someone else tried this before. But since PUP build, i wanted to try the quickplay vs AI, and had the following problems:

  • The match size were missing (Fixed)
  • Never finds another player to start the match (Any difficulty).

As the screenshot says, I just need 3 people to start the match and it keeps queuing like forever.

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Same, I tried just for the sake of trying. 30mins and nobody showed up, I tried all difficulties above moderate, without any banned map. I selected all size (2v2, 3v3, 4v4).
Either nobody wants to try AI quickplay, or there’s something broken in it.

Quick play was dead from the start, which is already more then 1 year ago. As result you cant really find these kind of games in quick play. But i still think having this in quick play make sense (in stead of how they released this game mode).

You mean it’s broken somehow, like how the lobby displays only a certain # of games, or because too few people actually queue for games?

That last one. The design is flawed from the start. There is almost no reason to play quick play if ranked and the lobby already exists. In almost every case you are better off by playing in ranked or lobby. So almost no one is queueing for Quick play. As result the game mode just failed.


Well at least should be better than regular lobbies vs AI, they’re just black forest/michi/amazon tunnel with 300 pop or more.

People who play against the AI are most likely people who dont like rushes and therefore prefer these closed maps. So these will stick to the lobby. The group which want to play the ranked maps against the AI are pretty small. Most of them are just playing against humans in ranked. So result the number of players for quick play is very small. Waiting times increase and as result the small number of player decrease even more, because people leave the queue for Ranked or the lobby.

If you could stay in a quick play queue whilst browsing the lobby/queuing in ranked, this wouldn’t be such an issue.

It is also about why would you play in quick play? If the same game mode is in ranked, then you can get the same game with much more balanced teams / match ups. So why care in queueing up in quick play?

Even if you can queue for ranked and quick play, there is still no reason to queue for quick play. And you will get a game much more quickly in ranked. So you still and up with games in ranked, not in quick play.

So being able to browse in the lobby or queueing in ranked with queueing for quick play doesnt really help anything.