Quite a few quitters playing ranked team games

Just had a match where our teammate quit because he saw the enemy team army approaching and didnt think he could survive or we (his other two teamates would help him). the army had not even arrived at his base! just dipped its little finger on his wall and he resigned lol!

the crazy part is we just had destroyed 1 of the opponents bases earlier on and was moving on the other. but because he resigned it become a 2 v/3. we went from both being an age ahead and applying pressure on the second enemy base (the first enemy we wiped out didnt resign and pulled his villies into his allies base) to us being gradually-pushed back and losing.

it would of been an easy win if he didnt resign.

another example: the match i had last night was a 2v2. i let him know i would rush on age 2. because i pushed a min or two after age 2 - he panicked and spam chat with ‘where is your army’. anyway, my army arrived, we wiped out 1 of the other two players, but i pulled back to boom so we could finish off the last player. despite the whole time the enemy not attacking us once, he was spamming me with 'gg we lost" and ‘its over’. after a few more pushes 3-5 min later we finished him off. but he was STILL mad !

it is so amazing that so many players choose to play ranked team games who are definitely not team players lol.

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Maybe an option to turn a resigned player into an AI could helps ?

yeah it would make a big difference. i guess the controversy will be around what AI difficulty to set as default - and what would then cause an AI to resign apart from destroying all the buildings?

maybe Hard AI difficulty as default (which isnt very hard but better than nothing) and if the team members resign the AI also automatically resigns.

These things are common and are expected in team game with random players. So just play 1v1 if you don’t have friends queueing. Don’t play ranked team game with randoms. Also at lower level players tends to have very bad map awareness and multitasking ability. Therefore that player probably did not realize you already wiped out one opponent and think you didn’t help him defending. Since he only pays attention to his base and not other parts of the map. As you go higher in ranking, these issues won’t happen as players getting better. (I would say from 1300 team ranking onwards)