Radical change in the concept of the dragoon and similar units

Hi everyone,

Since the beginning of this beloved game, inaccurate balances have been made to guarantee a metagame that includes more variety of strategies and that there is not one that clearly prevails over the others.

The reality is that the main combination of skirmishers / dragons / cannons has always been imposed in the middle / late game and I think the variable is the fact that a unit (dragoon and its derivatives) whose main counter-unit is skirm, has ranged resistance and not melee as archer riders have.

It can be understood that there are units, such as the Yabusame, with more resistance at a distance because they specialize more in cannons than in the cavalry itself, but I consider that the zamburak, ruyter, howdad, dragoon and other units must have the resistance to melee due (making them stronger against melee cav) and weaker against light ranged units that are their counter.

Each unit should have its resistance against the units it can defeat.

Think about it. Sorry if my English is not the best. Greetings and good week.


i like your idea, always felt goons & cannons is kinda too strong.

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I am aware that you have a lot of bugs and other issues to fix, but keep my idea in mind when you have time.

Dragoons are fast, them having ranged armor is fine because they can just kite.
Cavalry archers walk slower and have a big delay before they can fire, so you cannot hit and run with them. they need the melee armor to defeat cavalry, Dragoons do not need melee armor because they can run away. removing the ranged armor in favor of melee armor would make them significantly weaker.


What if we give the dragon a negative multiplier against other ranged cavalry like the archer cavalry and the German war chariot? And negative multiplier against heavy infantry (Musketros, pikemen, samurais, etc)?

Or maybe you see a musketeer bonus against gunpowder cavalry?
Or maybe bow cavalry has general damage against cavalry and not just against heavy melee cavalry? That is to say that it can face dargons.