Ragnarok Upgrade? (Non-ranked Fun)

How do you think that a “Ragnarok Upgrade” would work in Age of Empires 2? (just for fun in non-ranked games)

Imagine that we had an expensive (Imperial Age) upgrade that transformed all Villagers into Militia-Line units… or something along. But the catch is that you can never gather resources again.

Do you think that this sort of all-in gamble would be fun? Perhaps for a weak civ, I guess this isn’t a good idea for civs like Aztecs lol.

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For a mod of a Viking-themed event in SP could work for sure.
But the question is? is doable for the modding?

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Yeah, it would be great for SP event!

I think it should be doable with modding. It would require simple things mostly.

It is since they made a cheat code that changes all your infantry units into TK

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Ragnarok is a mythical event, not historical. Norse have it AoM, and that is where it belongs.

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Yeah, that’s why I made reference to the name Ragnarok, because of Age of Mythology.

But it can also be an historical event, where all population are called to defend in emergency, or to start a rebellion (like in Age 3).

The main idea was to discuss how this mechanic would feel in Age 2. Perhaps it could be fun in Single Player?

But it is not. Mass Levies in which all the population was armed (AoM Ragnarok style) were much more common in Asia too.
Not only would it be grossly OP, but it is not historical at all. No Norse king ever declared THE Ragnarok, like no Pope ever declared the Apocalypse, and no Raja ever declared the Kali Yuga.

The Great Battle at the End of the World is an indo-european cultural phenomenon, that spread to other cultures. Almost all indo-european religions signal it as a FUTURE event, that HAS NEVER HAPPENED yet.

If anything, a Ragnarok style UT would make much more sense for China or Persia, as a National Levy named UT.
Not the Vikings, in any period of actual Norse History.

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That would a good idea, to make a campaign scenario with a “National Levy” as an Historical Event for Asian civs.

I never mentioned that this had something to do with the Vikings or European civs specifically. I only picked the name from Age of Mythology to make it more understandable. The gameplay mechanic is something that could be fun.

It’s really hard to discuss anything on the internet. Anybody takes a heated stance with any random interpretation. I should know better.

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Isn’t that literally revolution in AOE3?


It would be similar to this tech from AOE1: https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Zealotry_(Age_of_Empires)

I like the idea. It is better to transform your villagers instead of changing their stats forever. After transformation, you can still produce more villagers to replace the previous ones. However, it is true that some civs, like persians or indians, could abuse this, so they shouldnt receive this tech.

Revolutions just got massive overhauls with de because not being able to create villagers and get resources at all was just too much of an all in and not a fun game mechanic.

I could imagine the tech would scale cost per villager you have, similar to spies and change all your vills to militia line. Afterwards you can freely train new villa.
Let’s say it costs 50 gold per vill to research. Allow it to be researched multiple times. I get 50 trade cards and 10 town center spammkng vils to farms which then periodically get levied.

I don’t own the AOE3 DE, what happened with it?

They got majorly overhauled and buffed (new cards, new bonuses, too many changes to discuss all), but effectiely allowing to rebuild villager and eco in some way or another.

At a minimum all revolutions got the citizen card which re-enable villager training but the cost now 70 gold instead of 100 food.
Finland instead allows skirmishers to slowly collect resources and transfers all vils to skirms.

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