Ragnar's Saga

A very fun scenario, I got 49/50 saga objectives completed. I really want to know what is the last one I miss out.

Ragnar’s Saga 9/9

  1. Found shieldmaiden Lagentha and defeated her bear and hound
  2. Rescued Thora Fortress-Hart from the Serpent on Gotland
  3. Found Aslaug, disguised as the peasant girl Kraka
  4. Stole the cow Sibilja from Jarl Eysteinn Belli
  5. Defeated Jarl Eysteinn Belli
  6. Became King of Norge
  7. Became King of Sverige
  8. Became King of Danmark
  9. Sacked Paris

Saga of Ragnar’s Sons 7/7

  1. Sacked Eorforwic(York)
  2. Killed King Aella of Northumbria
  3. Sacked Lundenburh(London)
  4. Killed King Edmund of Angila
  5. Built a settlement in England
  6. Build a Jarldom in England
  7. Raised the Great Heathen Army

The Tale of Hrorek of Dorestad 4/4

  1. Recruited Hrorek in Frisia
  2. Captured Dorestad
  3. Destroyed the towers on the Rhine River
  4. Pillaged the villages along the Elbe River

Orkneyinga Saga 5/5

  1. Recruited Eysteinsson brothers, Sigurd and Rognvald
  2. Built a settlement in Orkney
  3. Built a settlement in Shetland
  4. Killed Pictish giant Mael Brigte
  5. Plundered the monasteries in the Hebrides

The Landnama 7/7

  1. Recruited Ketill Flatnose and his daughter, Aud the Deep-Minded
  2. Recruited Grimr Kamban
  3. Built a settlement in the Faroes
  4. Built a settlement in the Hebrides
  5. Built a settlement on the Isle of Man
  6. Found a land of fire and ice
  7. Built a settlement in Iceland

The Annals of Ireland 4/4

  1. Recruited Olaf the White
  2. Killed the High King Mael Sechnaill
  3. Built a settlement in Ireland
  4. Sacked the monasteries of Ireland

Chronicle of the Dukes of Normandy 7/7

  1. Recruited Hrolf the Ganger
  2. Recruited Hasteinn
  3. Destroyed the Frankish Fleet
  4. Sacked Rouen
  5. Sacked Rennes
  6. Built a settlement in Francia
  7. Killed Robert the Strong

Chronicle of Novgorod 5/5

  1. Recruited Rurik the Troublemaker
  2. Captured Holmgard and Koenugaror
  3. Built a settlement in Garoariki
  4. Established a trade route to Garoariki
  5. Destroyed the nomad camps

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga 1/2

  1. Found Hrolf Kraki’s gold in the Fyris Wolds of Sverige
  2. ???
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Find the lost sword Skofnung, I think it is. Also, you should post this on @PhillySouljah’s big topic about his campaigns, because that is literally what Ragnar’s saga is.

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Yes that’s the one – look for it on the islands off Denmark by disembarking your soldiers on the islands. Hope you’ve enjoyed the scenario!

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