Raise the benchmark requirement to 1100

Ranked is supposed to be the competitive portion of the game. Playing at the framerate of a slideshow is not fun for anyone and it really hurts the competitive nature of ranked when a lot of the micro intense engagements feel like RNG.

900 is too low for that benchmark and i propose it be raised to 1100 which should be enough to guarantee 30fps in dark age / fudal age.


I get 1130 in the benchmark test and i can run the game without any problem on 45-60 fps, yellow clock almost never shows up. You will lock out so many people from playing ranked and probably destroy the game’s multiplayer if you raise the benchmark that much.


Id settle for 1100 but just know 45 fps still sucks big time for the majority of people who are used to 60 being the absolute bare minimum

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There is separate score requirements for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 queue? If not maybe it should…
And maybe a greater requirement for Death Match team games.

Anyway I get ~1140 score and I never lag in 4v4 RM games… 1200 seems too much.
Standard RM games will almost never be so full of units like the Benchmark.


It’s 900 for 1v1 and 1000 for team games

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45 doesn’t suck big time, infact very playable, especially in a game where 60 is the maximum possible FPS

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60 is not the ‘maximum possible’.

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I am not sure if that really is a PC problem.
I and my friends all have PCs that are fast enough and 95% of the time there is no problem.

But sometimes the games performance just drops which seems to be more of a problem on the games sides.
The biggest problem is in very long games. After one or two hours the game suddenly starts lagging really hard. That’s definitely not a hardware problem…


Oh sorry my bad. I forgot to say that it is the maximum for monitors which have 60hz refresh rate (cos as of the latest patch the MAX fps is tied to your monitor’s refresh rate), i forgot that there are some people with way higher refresh rate than 60.

I also really don’t like it when another player causes the game to stutter

I get hate for it, but ill resign if it gets too bad too often. It’s not enjoyable and it makes it harder to play properly, tough luck if my elo drops just because i dont wanna play with consistent lag in 2020

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Ya, we should actually do a poll on that and see what Hz monitors people have. Everyone i know including myself have a 144hz these days with a few on 240hz

I will just sacrifice the elo if i get below 30fps in darkage again, people who are used to playing at low fps have turned it into an art … and advantage.

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I have a 165hz 1080p monitor and a 60hz 4k monitor, and of those two, I prefer to play the game on the 60hz 4k monitor. 4k screens with higher than 60hz refresh rate are still pretty expensive.

Re the original question, the requirement should be based on the impact on other players. The PC I mainly use for the game scores around 1100, and when I spectate a 4v4 game with maybe 1200+ units on the map, the frame rate is unacceptable to me, so I wouldn’t use it for 4v4. But if someone is happy with that frame rate, does it cause anyone else a problem? If a 4v4 game has 7 people whose hardware scores 1050, and 1 whose hardware scores 1350, does the 1350 get a worse experience than they would if everyone had 1350 hardware? (I’m not saying it doesn’t cause anyone else a problem, I genuinely don’t know the answer to the question I’m asking)

60fps is never the bare minimum though. If people are too used to it to play 30 for which is the normal and more popular setting, then they should be the one getting used to it, not otherwise.

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Personally 30 FPS is perfectly fine for me in games and I don’t feel the need for higher FPS.

Yeah everyones fps is limited to the fps of the player with the weakest pc / lowest frames

60 is the more regular and popular fps Minimum since 2005 over essentially all competitive video games.

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Fun fact most people who play AOE2 don’t have a gaming computer, they just bought the game for nostalgia and play it on the casual laptop they already had so you can take that elitism and dump it in the trash. Also what universe are you living in where 60 FPS in 2005 was the minimum anywhere when AOE2 and 3 were notorious for stuttering online, literally any video prior 2010 on Youtube will show you that lmao

Anyway sorry you have really bad takes but literally no one is going to spend $$ on modern PC parts to play a game that plays completely fine on okay-ish pcs just to cater to your spoiled needs.


We’re talking about ranked matchmaking here, you don’t need to pass a benchmark to play regular matches.

Is that really the case with DE? With internet latency, I’ve heard that if one player’s connection is poor, it doesn’t lag everyone else in the DE match. But you say that if someone’s PC is actually slow, that will reduce the framerate of everyone else to that lowest common denominator?

I guess it sort of makes sense, but I’d never heard it, so was just wondering. I would’ve thought slow PCs would be treated like slow Internet connection and it wouldn’t impact other players; since the Internet thing is an improvement over AoE2:HD days. Thanks!

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