Rajendra Dravidians 2nd Mission Attack Damage Bug

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  • **GAME BUILD Version 101.102.9814.0 (#75350) 10347837
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

Place: 2nd Dravidian Campaign Mission (Rajendra)
Issue: As soon as you are supposed to gain the Bonus damage from fighting with the Hero Unit Rajendra,
your land units deal REDUCED damage instead (see screenshots). This wasn’t the issue before the last update (yesterday). Ships and enemy units don’t seem to be affected and if you don’t use Rajendra it seems to be fine.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start 2nd Rajendra Campaign Mission
  2. Use Rajendra to gain the “morale” Bonus
  3. Land units get their damage reduced, visible in the Tooltip and when fighting

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Gain Bonus damage instead of reduced damage

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Same with me. Wanted to make a post but see you already did. Hopefully they fix it soon, now its impossible haha.

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Thank you for reporting, we believe this is the same issue as this regression and are looking into it.


Yes, seems to be the same Issue

I have the same issue in the first mission of Dravidians campaign. It’s unplayable cuz within 3 minutes my units do only 1 damage. :frowning:

Happy to see this bug is reported! I spent some time playing this scenario, and keep losing battles I should have been winning. When I noticed my hero couldn’t kill an archer I got suspicious and noticed the bug. Hoping to see it fixed soon so I can continue with the campaign!

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Confirming the same issue here (though in my case it’s the first mission).

From what’s been posted on Reddit, it’s the whole mechanic of non-tech attack bonuses that’s busted.

Bump, still an issue

Last time they bugged the Modify Attribute effect it took months for a fix to come (it came with a major patch). With the current situation, i.e. the whole game is broken for a lot of people, the patch might (hopefully) come sooner than that.
The bug affects everyone as long as the mission involves Modify Attribute effects (so a lot of scenarios) and thus those are rendered horrendously difficult to complete or neigh impossible. It’s not an individual/spec issue, it’s game-wise for all users.

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It’s a real bummer, too, because I was getting back into my run of playing all the campaigns in chronological order and I was having a good time bouncing between the Khmer and Dravidians.

Yes, this! I didn’t notice how it affects other units, but my elephant archers had their ATK showed 6-5 which is ridiculously weak. So they just patched a few days ago and the bug is somehow overlooked.

still has it… please fix it!