Ram cost must be reduced

There have always been plenty of options for pros to adapt for the change.

i do not like 20 mangonels in the imperial.

Or I will go even further.
I want DeathMatch to be balanced. (I know that some OP oppenings will be).
but not 40-50 mangonels, and 100 paladins die to them

It’s just show how unbalanced late game is.

and i’m from the group who believe that 4vs4 and 1vs1 can be balanced.

it’s so dump to divide players. 100% will kill the game.
how people should chose what they should play?
In aoe2 community, i’ve met people who started from so noob gameplay and ended their carrier in RedBull They did not even know what pro scene was.

to say more… i hate than CBA or other scenarios adjust unit stats… because it’s my opportunity to play the same game in different modes.
But any adjustment throw me away, from returning to ladder.
Let’s say original CBA - i learn how to micro, how units killing other.

They are killing the game right now. So yeah, now it’s probably too late for anything anyways. Implementing different game modes with game release when the playerbase was way larger could have worked I’d say. There have been different game modes for many games in the past, also scenarios with big communities.

This guy is just trolling lel. He spews out so much nonsense in every thread he is in.

But I didn’t ? Its your own conclusion in your little world where you think that siege is going to be in fine state. Well we will see it once the patch hit live servers and if it goes through as it was on pup then siege is forgotten unit and another strategy over nerffed.

Yeah why don’t you keep your pointless accusations in your own head?

but that the meta is just boom is not entertaining either

So what does the word “snipe” mean? Especially in the context of your rebuttal.

Come up with a definition that exist among the world outside my lil world?

Targeting one specific unit down?

You need more? Lets give you another example. I go raid chinese base and snipe down IO’s. Am I insta shotting / one shotting them? Not necessary im just picking valuable target and killing it. I see delhi with 50 elephants and 10 Scholars and I go kill scholars “I snipe scholars down” Nowhere in those definitions its necessary to be 1 shot or insta kill. It just means player is nullifying important target.


I’m hoping they will be able to encourage gameplay that rewards more infantry heavy play.

Perhaps giving rams a buff back to their old stats once they are sufficiently garrisoned. Also making siege towers acts as ladders would go a long way towards improving castle age/feudal aggression with a more interesting counter play beyond ‘mass siege and slowly crawl forwards’.

So you gonna pretend that your use of “snipe” meant to focus fire the bombard? What was the significant of 2 springalds? and what does it mean

Hence why I don’t take you seriously; had you just said “oh I meant 2 springs would focus the bombard down.” or “2 springald … just snipes it .[perioddd]” Then maybe, maybe I could have given your statement credence; but you over here doubling down that 2 springalds could “snipe” (by snipe u mean focus down) a bombard and the bombard would do no dmg??? NO DMG???


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“pretend” Don’t have to pretend anything when its the reality what ever you accept it or not. If I had meant insta kill bombard then I would have said insta kill or one shot (I dont prefer using one shot when its actually multiple shots those I prefer insta kill).

If you want to live in your own fantasies and draw your own conclusion you can do it, but keep them for yourself especially when its not relevant to conversation.

Thats your problem not mine.

Ah here we go again. What did I say about your own conclusions or fantasies. If you got 2 springalds which will always win against bombards even 1 is more than enough to shut 1 bombard completely due the range difference. It takes bombard 1.2 seconds (after getting shot from 12 tile range by springalds. Assuming bombard is 12 tiles away from springalds) to reach firing range and by that time bombard fires first shot springalds are already close to firing another volley which results bombard achieving nothing meaningful.

If player controls the springalds between shots then bombards cant even touch springalds and same cant be said about bombard user when bombards are way slower and takes longer to pack and unpack top of that lack of range. And if players intention is to take down fortifications then its just better go trebs which are cheaper and has lot more range making them really difficult to snipe down or close to impossible if they’re behind the wall. Only quality that bombard had over treb (english excluded) was their dmg to units. Now they can’t even 2 shot castle age knights / lancers. Takes 3 shot to kill one lancers which translates to somewhere around 12-15 seconds.

Its like when we had the discussion with the buff to attack speed while you think its going to compensate the lack of range and I disagreed. It takes longer for bombard to get 2 tiles closer the target than the benefit from the attack speed buff which makes it so pointless.

new siege

Ah gotta love to be right. Siege is joke and ■■■■. Only siege that is worthwhile doing is trebs and only 1-2 to take down walls / buildings.

I can kill 1k resource siege unit in fraction of second and get unpunished. Good design

New siege is so EZZ to body block; AND now body blocking becomes essential to keeping siege alive. With the exception of villagers and Fire lancer charge, NO UNIT can hit overhead any unit standing in between the attacking unit and the siege target. This means you can completely surround your NOBs, for example, with 10 spears in Stand Your Ground; and if those spears don’t move or die; you won’t melee touch that NOB.

I much much prefer this iteration of siege.

The problem with the battering ram is the arrows (TC has now been fixed to fire 20 arrows with 20 garrisoned units). I don’t care about melee units.

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To be fair it was suppose to always be 20 arrows for 20 garrisoned units; but yes with the lower HP on rams AND the bug fix on TC; the MAIN TC (and only the main TC) can now kill a singular ram with 20 garrisoned units; which I think is a GREAT thing!

To kill main TC you should have 2+ rams with units IMO.

HAHAEAHAHHAAHHAAHEAHA body block. HAHAHAAHEAH. I ■■■■■■ insta kill siege even with the body blocks.

Firelancers are so ■■■■■■ ■■■■ that its not even funny. I went under mongol TC with 10-15 FL and killed 5 workers out of 30-40 with charge even when they were stacked. I actually wanted to take replay of it but was too lazy to watch through replay with 8x speed so I gave up. I could’ve gone with 10 lancers and kille +15 by the time I lost single lancer.

Only time you can body block effectively is on maps that has choke point layout otherwise not possible. Best siege is trebs and English is best siege civ by far.

You can have what ever number of spears you want around your NoB. You just go to their melee and kill 1 spear and your whole formation falls and then siege is dead.

Literally takes 3-4 lancers hit NoB once and it dies even without charge. Siege is so ■■■■■■ ■■■■ tier now outside of trebs and even then its just build 032894029835 towers and keeps and stone walls around them to keep them safe. No other method works. Anything that has less range than treb just dies.

Even english landmarks snipe all siege units now outside of trebs.

I even build keep next to my allies TC and 2 enemies were spamming rams to it and my keep with arrow / gun fire destroyed like 15x rams and they couldn’t get TC down.

As usual the Bdell guy doesnt know what he’s talking about, sigh; Go look at Beastyqt stream from yesterday (7/12/2022) and not only see the difficulty at high level to kill siege with melee (if it’s being body block guarded) AND as a bonus go see how to properly use Fire lancers and dont copy anything the “pro” 2v2 guy has to say; when we’re talking mainly about 1 v 1 scenarios.


The battering ram has been getting nerfed since the game launched (worse data and bug fixes on top).

Before this patch, ram shoves were already difficult to execute, now they are unworkable if defended fairly well. A cost of 200w would be a nice compensation.

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I disagree; but if they MUST reduce cost 250-270 is the best costs.

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OFc. I watched his stream and his comments regarding it while playing and I also watched his stream today how he was malding about english imp age landmark. U should too it was funny =)

In infantrys case I do agree its somewhat harder to kill siege versus before because them being slower than cavalry and if I recall correctly beasty was trying to kill siege with elephants, after that he started thinking its actually harder to kill.

Yeah keep dreaming. I played hundreds of games with FL and was using cross charging against every engagement before I saw anyone streamer even attempting it. So Im fairly certain I know how to use FL and cavalry.

Do tell me how its relevant the ■■■■ mode is any relevant to anything when I can run to siege and kill it with 4-5 lancers under 1second? With guarded under 2 seconds without spears able to stop it? That has nothing to do with the mode I play. Or how t he ■■■■ its relevant to anything If I place keep next to allies TC.??? You can place keep next to your TC and try it out and see how rams just melt.

Even in beastys stream he pulled bunch of villagers and moment they attacked ram was deleted completely. It went POOF.

Mode being played is completely irrelevant to this discussion when it comes down how fast siege dies and cant it be protect if something in TG’s it should BE EASIER to protect siege because of more bodies to block. Its possible to protect siege in choke points (and player made walls can be just destroyed) or with shitloads of towers and keeping trebs there but 10 tile bombards or mangonels or nob not a chance.

Twitch Lets give this back to you. You’re telling me that you gonna protect your siege with handful of spears in that scenario? :DDD

Edit: Even now Beastie is complaining about siege HP xDDDD SO YEAH show us the bodyblock way mr