Ram cost must be reduced

Maybe it will be odd for me to say this, but the cost of siege weapons shoud be more and the time of building them should be more.

We are in medieval time and the tools where ot that advanced.

It took time and hard work, to just build or asssemble, just one siege weapon.

The most important thing is the gameplay, above the historically accurate.


2nd TC: 400w + 300s = 700 (900w for MONG)
Ram push: 300w (ram) + 150w (BS) + 50w +125g (SE tech) = 625

Seems like you can’t no longer counter 2nd TC openings with 1 TC ram push (or the time window is too small or it is too risky). The cost investment of the ram push does not pair with what it does, there is also defender advantage, rams die too fast since the last patch, either increase HP or decrease the cost!
Maybe increase the extra TCs build time?

I seriously do not get it why people keep bringing up arguments regarding historical accuracy. If we were consequently following historical accuracy pretty much every player right now would hate the game. Historical accuracy can play a role when it comes to buildings design and fights but game play has a much much higher priority as @Adribird90 just said. Simulation games should take historical accuracy serious, not RTS like AoE4.

An archer had cost of 59 food and 31 wood in history, and nothing else.

I like the idea that garrisoned ram improve the Attack & movement speed like Each garrisoned unit reduces Attack speed by 0.1 sec (in total: 5 s to 3.4 s), and increase movement speed by 0.2 T/s (in total: 0.75 → 1.07 T/s) or improve attack dmg seems nice as well


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