Ram (little buff)

Currently, rams are balanced pretty well.
But, I would like to see a little buff to it.

For example, units garrisoned fully in the ram should have a small benefit of increased attack speed or movement speed like 5-10%. Which I believe is not significant. But it would make the use of garrison ability of rams make a little sense and useful. At the moment, ram garrisoning is not a big thing.

Lastly, it is so difficult to ungarrison units from the “Rams”. It needs to move to the ordered location I ordered them to ungarrison which interrupts a lot of momentum in the game (including movement issues).

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it’s not aoe2 why u keep coming with ideas from aoe2. it’s aoe4(sarcazm)

A lot of mechanics were simplified.

I’m happy there is a good reference for some mechanics to look at. I really hope they will do the effort and try to implement some of the nice features AoE2 has and come up with their own ideas that increase the entertainment factor.

I also loved the concept, that rams would speed up and attack a bit faster while garrisoned and it should not display the amount of army inside of the ram for everyone it takes away the surprise factor.
If I’m correct it even made a difference what you had inside the ram.

The game needs more of these small little things that make it more existing to play and to watch.

Another example is the mangonel, it had the power to turn the table with one good shot in AoE2, but was also easy to kill. It gave so much entertaining, with all the split formation micro of Archers vs Mangonel.

I think everyone had his heartbeat increased if played with a lot of archers and saw suddenly a mangonel appear out of a siege-workshop close by :D. You know you have the lead, but one mistake could take it away and that was great

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There is reason to garrison units to ram even without any changes to them.

You can push under TC with ram and garrison your units there while rams deal dmg. If villagers pop from TC to torch ram you just un garrison and deal dmg to them. It becomes cat and mouse game at this point because good players just hop out and back in all the time.

Also you can garrison low health units to rams to avoid archers to pick them off.

So there is already plenty of uses for garrison feature and I dont think rams need anything as of right now

That’s just boring mate

Siege rams with garisoned infantry boosting movements speed Flintstone style to outrun cavalry is one of the dumbest moves in aoe2.

I think Rams with the double nerf at the same time (TC focus fire fix) should just lower the cost down to 250.

I also think Trebuchets also need the same treatment, if a lower resource and population cost that Rams went through.

lmao rams need to be nerfed for some reasons
archers can make them
it takes 20 units to dmg them properly
everybody in ladder spam rush age 2 especially in mongol and english

there is no fun at all with this

That’s an old strategy mate, it doesn’t work now.