Ram Rush

It is ruining the game. Every match is “Ram Rush” 3v3 or 2v2. They need to be nerfed. Either make rams weaker or more expensive. Or make it so they cannot harm Landmarks or Stone built buildings without an upgrade until Age 3. It’s making the game unplayable and redundant.

Ram rush is a bit misleading. The rams are not the problem, they can be torched apart by villagers easily. The problem is that your opponents beat your army (if you even built one) and were able to capitalize on that to win. I can understand the frustration, as in team games a coordinated team with 3-4 people attacking in unison can really crush you quickly. But, if your opponents are making a coordinated attack in age 2-3 and your team doesn’t have a coordinated response then you SHOULD lose. The only other option is to completely remove early aggression and make the game a no rush 20 settlers of catan simulator. There are a number of ways to beat these rushes.

  1. 3v3 - 4-4 maps are huge. They will need to proxy for a good push. If you can find their proxy or kill their villagers you can greatly delay the push. If they need to walk from their base you will be castle age before they hit.
  2. Wall early and forward. Any delay really weakens these pushes. Make super early walls a priority so they don’t get blocked.
  3. Build a military and coordinate your forces. They are spending hundreds of resources on rams. There is no reason you cant see this coming and build a better army. After you crush them go for a counter raid.
  4. Have knights or horseman counter raiding. They will have a hard time maintaining their push if all their vills are garrisoned. Just a few units pressuring their base will do wonders since all their units and infrastructure are forward.
    If you are playing team games with randoms and not talking that will be hard to do. But in that case I don’t know what to tell you. A team that is talking is going to have a massive advantage no matter how you balance the game.

^^^ Agree completely with @PanicCheck. Rams haven’t been an issue since they got nerfed last year. Scout better, don’t play too greedy, and try to coordinate with your allies. That’s all you can do. A lot of people think it’s too hard to put on early aggression in 3v3 and 4v4, and hate how it can devolve into a siege fest


Maybe the issue is that archers + spear composition is very hard to counter. Your only option is to out-mass archers. Spears are extremely oppressive on cav, i would say its has become more than a hard counter. Not only they block cav preventing them from burning siege but also they just need to touch a unit and damage will be dealt. Also most civs dont have access to MAA. Theoretically you wanna burn rams with maa in age 2. If you use villagers you will get away with one or two rams but the idle time and losing villagers will cripple your ability to make army. So any cav based civ has no option to defend once the army reaches their base.

Yes you can do counter measurements. But other civs get a lot bonuses. E.g HRE can gather 40% resources. Also have access to MAA. People don’t use HRE as offensive but it can be a good offensive civ. China on the other hand with zhunu are more oppressive (easy to mass + cheap) because normal archers lose to them and armored units dont work too well. Horsemen are good counter but spears are again extremely hard counter to cav.

I think the game can be much more fun if they balance ram rush some way. Not exactly nerfing it but giving other civs different strat to counter this. It should not become an archer race.

I agree that without rams game would become stale and it would become a race to castle/imperial. I have few issues with game and ram rush.

  1. You cant un-garison villagers/units from any direction. They always come out of single spot. A bug like this should have been fixed long ago.

  2. Second TC do not defend at all. First they need to add re-targeting on Second TC.

  3. Towers/TCs should not prioritize ram. This has been the most annoying part. You are manging your entire army and every now and then you have to retarget your TC/Tower to focus on army instead of ram. As soon as they retreat it gets stuck on ram again doing nothing.

I think fixing these bugs alone will make it much more viable to defend against ram rush.