Rampant Drophacking in Asia server

This guy

Drophacks ALL the game where he is losing. It’s honestly disgusting and ruins me and my friends motivation to play this game.
This has been around since launch and there’s still no fix by the devs.

The person above isn’t the only example, we already got drophacked 3 times this week.

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in 1vs1 last time that i was drop hacked (2 mouth ago) the system give me points as a victory without counting as a victory in the statistics. So you have check if you gain some points?

I don’t think getting points with drophack is good idea. If you are losing and drophack, you will have less points and for so you will lose ranked points, that’s ok, but if you are winning and drophacks… You’ll win points?

Then if you make horsemen army and kill a few villagers you will be ahead, and everyone will try to do this and drophack.

I will tell you a thing that happened to me months ago, I am a Linux user, and I had it installed on my gaming laptop. Never tried to install AoE4 on my Linux computer, so I tried and I succeed, but for some reason, everytime I tried to play online games, I got the synchronization error.

Tried 3 times, and then I refused, but obviously for everyone in the game it will feel like drophack.

Why I am telling this? In a team game, there must be a player that causes the problem of sync, and I don’t know if this can be detectable in some way by AoE developers.

Because if you have 6 players (6 seeds), in a determinate moment one of them will stop to communicate with each others and will cause the sync error.

If connections between the others players can still be done, then the player drophacking is exposed.

In 1v1 games I don’t think it’s possible to detect the player causing the problem, because you only have 2 nodes and each one is causing in its way the sync error.

This is probably the reason the devs haven’t solved the problem yet, because for team games it can be detected, but there was not team rankeds, and solve the problem for TGs but not for solo seems a bad solution.

All of this are my thoughts and can or can’t be true. But I strongly think that the problem is totally detectable in team games, and probably undetectable (not unfixable) in solo.