Rams get stuck when a lot of units are on the way

I don’t know if it’s a bug or expected feature. When you send a group of rams to destroy a building but there are a group of 20-30 units on the way, they start to move in circles like they are trying to find a way to dodge the units and they can’t pass through, so they have to change a bit the direction losing a lot of time on that action.

Also, when they arrive to the building they arrive at the same point of the building, they don’t predict that there is another ram ahead and it will not have space, getting stuck again.


Have noticed this pathing issue with rams when there is limited space from buildings or units in the way. Rams will need to be individually ‘microed’ to move around the obstacles. I feel that it is very fair that multiple rams don’t fit between buildings. But it would be nice if the rams behind can push the ram in front out of the way in order to pass. Seige units that are attacking seem to be locked in place and are unable to be ‘pushed’ by other units which want to pass. It does add some micro potential so don’t mind if this is kept in the game. HOWEVER, a ram going in circles rather than chooseing a new longer route to attack a building is very questionable and would prefer the blocked rams be updated to be smart enough to back out from the blockage and choose a new path.

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Thank you @ReyNess and @Isaacans. You have been heard on Ram pathing. I’ll take this to the team.