Ran out of resources while playing...?

So I was playing on a 1v1, it went 2hrs, LOL… I know! But I ended up running out of stone, there was none on the map to mine or retrieve, is there a setting or something I can do to accumulate more resources be it gold, stone, silver etc, or is it play to the death or empty wallet? LOL

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The stone on the map is the most limited resource. If you plan on playing like this often try the Portuguese or a race that has a stone building discount. Eventually gold runs out too but you can sell your excess food and wood for that. And you can trade for gold if your opponent will let you. And relics help with gold infinitely. After that’s it’s Food/wood. resource management is important in games that go the long haul


In AoE2, the quantity of stone limits the number of defensive structure you can build (castle).
Gold is also limited in 1v1, where there is no trade. You have to rely on the market and the relics you manage to collect to gain gold when you exhausted the gold available to mine. On the other hand, most player switch to “trash units” which are unit costing no gold (light cav, skirmisher and hallbardier) during these times.
Controlling gold and stone available on the map is one of the goal of the game, and having those additional ressources will give you and edge.


do you mean in a team game, in the sense of not having the trade disturbed, or actually trading with the enemy? I have never seen that happen but would love to see it.

Thank you guys very much, great info!

the only thing you can do is select a different map, that generates more resources

Yes you can trade with an enemy market or dock. If you don’t over-do it sometimes you can get away with it. It’s also very funny if you can get away with it


You can safely trade with enemy market, when you have defeated him so that he doesn’t have anymore military units, castles etc. Set him to ally so you won’t accidentally destroy his market.
You can often do this when playing against multiple AIs, especially in campaigns.


lol, will have to try XD

and @Yorok0: ah I see, did not consider campaigns/AI matches, just 1v1. interesting to know, but the 1v1 traade cheese sounds great to try

mayans also can have extra 15% stone extra because of their bonus, and their walls are cheaper.

Outside of mayans and portuguese, you can try koreans/aztecs (they gather stone a bit faster, specially koreans), or incas/franks/bulgarians (they save stone from some buildings).

When I play koreans in multiplayers, i like to steal stone from my enemies (or useless allys…)