Random animal sounds (crickets)

Since the last patch random animal sounds got added into the game. They have no gameplay value which makes them incredibly annoying, most notably the cricket loop which starts playing after about 30 seconds on particular biomes and keeps going all game long. There is no way to turn these sounds off since they are baked into Sound Volume.


I honestly thought this must have been a mistake and expected a fix soon, one month later this cricket loop in particular is still in the game.

None of the soundfiles are named which makes modding them not evident. Neither do I think external mods should be required to make the game tolerable.

When such intrusive ambient sounds are added they should be on a slider, for many it is important that gamesounds are limited as much as possible to what happens on screen. Balance wise I find the cricket loop too loud. If none of this is done the least effort would be an official mod instead of expecting a community fix.


There is a mod called “Silent Terrain” which mutes all of these ambient sound loops. I agree however that there should be a slider for it


I thought they were pretty cool, especially the birds


Amazing, exactly what I needed.

Thanks to Elavid570 for making the mod.

Some interesting notes as well regarding sounds on different terrain types.


@Elavid570 Silent Terrain mod is not working at the moment.

The real issue is that there should not be a mod required to have a comfortable experience without unnecessary distractions. Some thought needs to go into if this implementation is acceptable in a competitive game. Obviously it is not, if such intrusive sounds are added it should come with an ambiance volume slider.

I’m glad my mod has happy users! I thought I fixed it a week ago though. The newest version should have tiny sound files that are something like 54 bytes (which I grabbed from StepS’s original sounds mod), and there shouldn’t be an exclamation mark next to it in the mods list.


I haven’t really noticed until now.

I’ve always loved these nature sounds, and I hope they add more for different maps and biomes. Still, those crickets may be a bit loud. They could be tuned down a little, or make them appear ocasionally, not as a constant background sound.