Random Civ Idea

I have an idea for random civ that I think would make it more popular for all players.

Have the ability (maybe in the settings panel) to customize your random civ option, so that you can include and/or omit certain civs from your personal random civ selection. There are a few civs that I just do not like to play with, but I still want the game to randomly select from a pool of civs that I do enjoy playing with.

What do you guys think?


Honestly I’m just glad they’ve added the random civ option at all.
Don’t think this is necessary, also would make random-mirror “unfair”.


How would it make it unfair? both players have the option to veto their weak civs

This would actually be a good idea.

Right now, when you go 1v1 random civs, you have a guarantee both players will truly get random civs. Using your system, my opponent could veto all but one civ and just completely fake going “random”. This could be a deal-breaker for something like a potential random civ tournament.


Yes would be good option for sure to play around my comfy civs.

why does this matter at all. 95% of the game is played casual/ladder. You don’t know your opponents civ anyway and you get no benefit from going random anyway.

if you want to ban it for tournament play then you just simply tell everyone that they can’t go random…

re-read your post.

for random tournament host game with the option turned off. Could be a lobby option, “turn off custom random” or something

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yes, i don’t see why you couldn’t check what random civs opponent has selected in lobby, or at least differentiate between all-random and select-random so that it is obvious.

Anyways I feel like the purpose of OP is to make this option available in ranked games - which is limited to matchmaking.

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Can you delete home cities and then go random? That way it would only select a civ you have not deleted.

You could, BUT
Homecity files have a hashnumber and CRC check.
If you modify them, it trouble to get them back
2. popentional OOS incomming.

Can’t you delete them in game?

No, only rename and edit.


Just put a limit on it. Can ban max 2-3 civs, make that visible to the opponent. So they’ll see your civ as “Random” and then see the flags for, say, Ottomans and Haudenosaunee to the right of the dropdown menu. Sort of like the map voting/vetoing used in AoE 2 sometimes.