Random civil for player want to random, pick for pick civil in team rank

?? What the hell ranked game, why I dont want random civ and go random for all??? What is the game. Do any one want to random take only them don’t pull other person join your random with you Microsoft. ??? Remove random all choice, I don’t need it and I really angry with this choice. Don’t let 3 player want random and pull one person follow you. Or 5 min gg . Report for … I get much angry near by time with such choice of game . Wtfffffffffffffffff choiceeeeeee. Remove this.

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true, this sicked idea just pushing beginners and some players away. There are 40 cvs right now, forcing people to go random is punishing.

and this is even giving the premade team more advantages as they can adjust their stragegies quickly by communication. And not mention they already had a super huge advantage when vs solo players.

Dev are ruining the tg so badly.

  • premade vs solo
  • ridiculous elo matching
  • smurf
    and they mever tend to fix the above while doing the random civs stuff just because a group of old players requesting it, no wonder TG is always so broken that it s hardly find a balance game to enjoy.

Yes, met a team get player solo 1k8 vs 1k3 , although they are 1k4 team game aizzz, but random for all while 1 or 2 people don’t want it is badly:v

This is the one I had yesterday, premade average elo 1800 vs solo team 1500
such matching is so wasting time for both sides

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Wait, what? You had a game vs Sitaux (a pro player, whose team performed insanely well in the recent DWC) as an intermediate? This is just bizzare, just mix and match the players such that the Elo is roughly equal. Anybody can code that, it shouldn’t be this bad.

Lmao I always click that little random civ button thingy. Best counter to meme strategies is forcing players to go random civ.

How to counter a player that has practiced super early scout rush 5000 times? Make them play with a meso civ. :rofl:

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Yes but let who want random he random, other let thy chose, can not tell all need do that, or will get gg after 5 min.

after around 200 or 300 elo difference, it wouldnt even tell what their difference between them or Viper / Hera level. A totally single side only. lol