Random crashes during gameplay

I’ll be in the middle of a match happily starting to push the enemy, and out of nowhere, with no error message or anything, the game decides to close. Reopening the game doesn’t get me back into my match, since there’s no “reconnect” function, so this is plainly infuriating.

As soon as the new patch brought me back, I remembered why I had left the game altogether…

Add a reconnect function, but also stop the crashes.

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This sounds weird to me. I’ve literally had 1 random crash recently that brought me back to desktop. That is all. There is a known bug with causing a crash for a HRE playing when putting down Regnitz but this is very rare and seems to becoming even more rare.

The only recurrent crash that seems to occur is by people using an exploit to desync the game, but this boots to score screen first and then will crash to desktop.

Deductively I’d argue that the crashes are triggered by something at your end. Perhaps run a check on video card drivers or so? The file also stores an error log typically, be sure to submit that. Roughly at C:\Users\ [[YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME]] \Games\Age of Empires\logs

I have exactly the same cases. And my colleagues too. Not once or twice, but several times a day. The game just crashes to the desktop without any “error window”. This happens not only while playing but also while matchup is loading.
Please don’t say this is a little-known bug. Many of my colleagues have the same situation since the new patch was released. Then the players get discouraged and don’t want to report because, as they say, “nothing will be fixed anyway.”
Please tell me what to do, because I am tired of playing with the knowledge that the game may turn itself off at any moment.

It happend to me quite a lot since the last update and i can’t even play, i need to wait “60 min” because i left the game during the loading time lol.

Apologies that many of you are not having a smooth experience. When you experience a crash, especially post-patch or update, please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. It’ll really help making sure we can get a fix for whatever causes the problem. Thanks, all!