Random Crashes

I’ve been kicking form queue and get punishment (30 min) for nothing. Don’t f@cin say you are tracking issue, go and finally fix this shit!!!


Here are my MDMP files.

AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.06-11.23.51.mdmp (431.2 KB)
AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.06-17.46.48.mdmp (438.9 KB)
AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.06-20.45.57.mdmp (427.3 KB)
AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.07-19.13.05.mdmp (438.7 KB)

@Felizon89 heres mine, couple more crashes.

AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.08-17.53.55.mdmp (310.0 KB)
AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.07-21.13.37.mdmp (155.1 KB)
AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.07-14.32.25.mdmp (305.9 KB)
AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.05-22.13.55.mdmp (307.6 KB)

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Having the same issue!
40%~50% drop the game
no help when reinstall
cant matching the game when use the Enhanced Logging Build Beta


Thank you again, I attached your files to the ticket :slight_smile:

Unfortunately reinstalling the game doesn’t solve the issue :frowning:

Perhaps you could tell us WHEN the issue will be solved. It’s been over a week since people started reporting these crashes thanks to the new update, and the game is completely unplayable.


It also happens in single player. I’ve just played a match against the AI and the game crashed within 10 min.
The game is absolutly unplayable for me and also for others. Please fix this.

AoE2DESteam-75350-2023.02.10-15.13.32.mdmp (439.9 KB)


I have the same issue in unranked, ranked and even main menu + specs. No lags but since update 31.01. I have 50% crash of games (game is closing with no error)


Bumping this so maybe there can be an update from the Devs.


I know there will be soon some dude complaining “you cant just talk like that, devs are also humans, they have their life, they haven’t time to work non stop bla bla bla…”

But, considering how much problems and reports of bugs we see in this days… that’s ridiculous. So, I would love to call them with words from which I would probably be censored immediately, but TBH it’s true, they are giving shit right now. We have 12th February, issues are from beginning of the month. Almost two weeks.

So or we get soon something really huge (and not bugged) or we get all rights to call them ####### (insert whatever insult you want). Prove me if I am wrong.

Same here as mentionned here


It’s still happening. May I ask what are you doing? If I didn’t fix something for weeks I would’ve been chewed in my job. I can’t imagine what are you doing, you are not relasing new content, you are not fixin anything. It’s the third week we’ve been crying for a fix. Start doing something, we payed for the game se let us play for god’s sake.

According to a Dev here, there was going to be a fix released yesterday, but then they found something else that needed to be fixed

So here we are. Over 2 weeks. The game is unplayable. No idea when it’ll be fixed. Devs are silent.


3 weeks now. Still didn’t fix. Do we need to start doing community patches again? These “devs” are jokes. Doing absolutely nothing with this game. Guess they are pushing aoe 4 which is garbage and noone plays it.


The game is now full of bug because they need to be compatible with xbox version which they just sold. And they cannot reverse to the previous patch because of the same reason.

I think it is actually a good idea that if there is no timetable for fixing the bug. We have no idea when will it fix. Maybe 3 weeks, 3 months or even 3 years. We can simply use the function in steam to play the game with previous patch. The only downside is that there will be no xbox player which maybe not a big deal for exsiting players

How to play with the old patch? Isn’t there a build beta code needed or something?

Yes. use this

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I don’t want to get your hopes up too high but my game worked for over 15 games. I’ve deactivated the overlays of Discord and Geforce but not steam’s and xbox’s (which isn’t that easy to close). It now seems fixed.
Still I am not happy with the way the devs are handling this issue. In my opinion there needs to be more transparency.


Hey there! I also figured it out. Played around and it happens to be the Nvidia overlay to cause crashes. Idk the reason for it. Maybe memory leak.