Random crashes

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.35584.0 4714640)
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store)


The game just crashes, no error, nothing, return to desktop.

The first time I was playing a nomad game, and it just crashed when i was selecting units I think

The second time was after finishing a game, I clicked on something (profile tab I think), and it crashed

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Play the game

Logs :

2020.03.01-12.32.52.txt (6.1 KB) 2020.03.01-11.14.06.txt (6.1 KB)


You too? I have the same issue. It’s occurred sporadically on campaign for me as well, but doesn’t seem to happen at the same rate.

And another one, it’s so random I can’t even now what’s causing the crash.

This time i was playing, however, the two times it has crashed DURING a game, was with the franks, it may be a common factor.

2020.03.01-15.20.50.txt (6.1 KB)

The last line of all logs is the same though, same exception…

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same happened to me as of 28th march

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Just happened to me as well. 08/05/2020. Playing a ranked game, with the mayans, 4 vs 4. Sudden crash, no error.

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Happend 3 Times to us too, it was 4v4. Everyone back to desktop the same Time.
I had Franks, just because its part of this diskussion.
It was also ranked what makes it more worse.

happened to me too, last time i also was franks also 4v4, maybe it has to do with franks?

This happened to me yesterday I was doing a 1v1, Celts pushed into my base with 3 castles I went to IMP faster trebbed down and killed all forward aggression just as I was winning and pushing my knights back out from clearing up my base to raiding and forwarding my trebs BOOP game decides to close I was seriously thinking whether the opponent did something to crash the game as I crashed just as he should have said GG I was also Franks.

EDIT: Also when I went back to spectate the game at the point where my game crashed the recording makes the game crash and close again.

It’s not specific to Franks… happens for about 50% of games for me.

Windows 10, 16GB RAM, SSD, 4ghz Intel i7 and GTX 1060 6GB… so my computer is more than capable of running the game. Even turning the in-game gfx effects down doesn’t help.

Happens at various times of the game, sometimes within 30 mins, sometimes longer. Happens for multiple game types, 8 players skirmish or 1v1 ranked.

No point playing the game any more, I know it happens to several friends of mine too - it’s a much, much bigger issue and wider spread than I think the developers probably realise.

Has anyone figured out how to fix this? Downloaded the game on two pc’s to play with my son. Played multiplayer us against 3 ai. Each time it crashed at a different moment. Both pc’s experienced crashes in different games, tried about 5 rounds and each crashed. There is no point playing this if you can’t even finish a game.

I’ve played 1000 games and this happens to me in at least 1 in 50 games. Suddenly game closes. No error message no nothing. Everything else on my PC working fine. But the game just randomly closes and returns me to the desktop. My PC is only 1-year-old and high specs. Any fix been suggested?

Hello !
Patch 07/07/2021
Same here, random crash, return to desktop.

I have try to play vs AI no problem for 1 hour, but every ranked multiplayer, the game crash