I get random DC from ranked games, about 1/3 of my games I get random DC, sometimes I dc 5 min into games other times I DC 40 min into game.

My internet is fine and my computer is fine, I do not have this problem in other games.

This is something that need to be fixed ASAP


Also having this problem, my internet is fine, I usually listen to an online playlist while I play and game kicks me from the matches telling me I disconnected while I’m online on steam, discord and listening to an online playlist, this needs attention!!


Happens a lot , man, nothing we can do until the devs fix this… Happens less often now though compared to the first 3 days…


It actually started to happen to me after the last update, it never happened before it.

This is happening to me as well. It seems like this is common after the latest update… this is UNACCEPTABLE. I play competitive games for the ELO grind. NOW I lose ELO to disconnects that have nothing to do with my PC or network. FIX IT PLEASE /sigh

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Lost 3 competitive games in a row (40 points) because my mate ‘disconnected’ while I could still talk to him via discord. In previous updates it happened but it was much more rare.

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New updates, same disconnect issues :frowning: