Random is not random enough

Hi all,

This is a niche subject, for most. But random is not really random. It basically dice rolls a civ for you in the lobby. That is it. One can easily achieve the same by rolling a number on a random generator and then just pick the outcome. Sad, as random is difficult enough already since most factions don’t do well on most maps.

On the AoE discord I’ve seen quite fierce debates on having random also appear as random in the loading screen. Strangely enough: some people debate it would be OP as hell since one has to scout early and set one back. Others use the same logic to opposite outcome: just scout with your dedicated scout unit and it would make literally no difference. I have no desire to re-ignite that debate here.

In previous polls it was already asked: should random show as random and the majority said yes. I imagine because of the initial paragraph in this thread. Lastly: if we can’t get this. Could we at least get a dice or question mark at our name/flag in the loading screen and trade menu so it is visible to ourselves and others we picked random? Currently a random french and picked french appear totally equal.

I understand that ages games deviate from pretty much the rest of all other RTS. Simply not sure on the why.

Maybe we could see a game mode where both players must go in random, and blind. As far as both players not knowing until in-game would be cool. Same goes for the map. Must scout to learn what map you’ve spawned on.

A test of game knowledge and multiple build orders and play styles.

Could be cool.

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That would be very cool. That you first have to scout in order to know which civilization your opponents play. Then the map and the opponent civilization wouldn’t be known.

In addition I suggest a game mode “advanceed mega random”. Besides the random map you start every match differently. For example everyone has a keep at the start, you start with 30 villagers or everyone already has horsemen and other interesting things.

Like this no match would be like the other and no fix build orders can be used. You have to adapt quickly.


Here is the link to my post about the suggested advance mega random option Advanced mega random

I would add to this that you don’t now which civilization your opponents play until you scout it.