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This technically isn’t a bug in the game, its just how the TG ladder elo calculation works. The number of elo points that you gain or lose after you win or lose a team game depends only on the elo of the highest rated player in the opponent team. Ideally, it should depend on the average rating of the opponent team, or some statistic that combines the ratings of all the opponent players.

For example, I just finished a 4v4 game, where I queued up with friends with ratings around 2000, and we matched with a team in which 3 players were rated less than 1000 and the 4th player had a rating of 2200. We won the game, and I got +25 points for the win. Ideally, I should have recieved only +1 or +0 for that win.

While this is not game breaking, this is not ideal for the team game ladder, so it’d be nice if this is fixed in the next patch.



Unless this is fixed, the TG elo will keep on increasing monotonically, and might cause problems in the future. I believe the Elo system breaks down when the number of points lost != number of points gained.


Lel, “10 Months Later”

it happened exactly what you said 11

Well TG Ladder is broken now, elo is infliated and its getting a year now.

GG WP to the guys responsible


This is still very broken and there are people with 2k3+ ratings and 40-45% win rate in almost every team game I play.

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