Random map using mod not playable in multiplayer

Hi, I have an issue with a random map that is using some modded files. I just quickly explain what happens:

  • both players have the very same version of the mod
  • the random map is normally playable in multiplayer if I make a scenario out of it
  • just while playing the random map as a custom map in the multiplayer, this just happens:

Does someone know, what makes that happen? I tested the standard with the same mod on both sides maps and they’re playable normally.

Thanks a lot!

Do you have the same map in both RandMaps folders? Have you changed your mod and reuploaded it? Perhaps you have two versions using the same name (the mod system doesn’t overwrite the older version)?

I realized that, thanks. I’ll try again. I’m working with the RM placed in the root game file because it’s better for testing in the editor, but the copy of the map is also in the mod file. So I’ll see.

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So I’ve tested everything again and it looks that the main problem is the groupings. When the groupings are placed like this:


… it does not work and the groupings are not loaded and therefore that happens. I think this is a bug because then the random map downloaded as a part of the mod is not playable.