Random Multiplayer Crash To Desktop

I’ve recently started playing the game in the last couple of days, played some single player skirmish that worked well and very much enjoyed it, however this evening I attempted to play a multiplayer game with a friend against AI. We got into a game, only to have the game freeze on both of us about 10 minutes in. After this we decided to try starting again, assuming it was a server hiccup. When I excited the frozen game my own game forced closed itself on me, so I restarted and we got back into a multiplayer game again. Once again after about 10 minutes my game froze, however this time my friends didn’t. I waited a few seconds assuming it was my internet connection, and my game once again forced closed to desktop. We tried this twice more, on each occasion the same happened, the elapsed game time varied slightly, but other than that the same freeze followed by crash to desktop, at no point did I get an error message or crash log or anything. Not sure what’s going on with that. Going to keep trying for a bit I think, will update if anything different happens.

someone says you need to update bios…

Ok, thanks, I’ll give that a go. We just managed to get it to not CTD for a match at least, was fairly laggy in some places though, will try updating BIOS though, thanks!