Random queue

Give people option to queue with only random civs. The ? button does basicly nothing at the moment, half the opponents are same few civs. Getting queued more than 2 times against same oppo with same civ is boring. Used to have variety of different matchups etc,
? should act like a random toggle, if I have it on, game should be only random and when its not toggled on, its not random.


While it’s a great idea it would definitely increase queue times. Exponentially more so for 3v3 and 4v4.

People already complain about how slow and terrible the queue system is.

So GL on making it even slower :+1::+1:

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But it does. Both sides have ? on, it’s gonna be random civs.

This was a requested feature and it was implemented exactly like they wanted to.


I get random 2 out of three 3 times, so very different from your experience. In TGs it’s a different story ofc

Heavily depends on elo and map. There higher your elo and the more you play arabia the more you’ll get random civs. Not the perfect system, for sure, but basically same issue as for maps. If you want to match players based on random option and/or maps the matchmaking systems would need to be redesigned because, atm, it only matches people based on elo and the rest follows after players are matched. I’d personally like that being changed but it would certainly come with longer queue times.

I dont think we need to split the queue. I do agree that i would love to see more random civ games.

I would suggest the following changes:

  1. Pick civ or random civ is decided by majority.
  2. Random civ would be the default value. So you have to click the button if you want to pick civ.

I agree it would be nice to have more random civ games, but splitting the que that way sounds like a bad idea

this might help, I don’t see anything against it

some more suggestions here

and in other older posts

singing alt F4… :+1::+1: GL

Yes let’s have the default setting set for what the minority wants :ok_hand:

If the majority wanted random it would be much easier to find random matchups, they don’t, so you cant.

Remember what the majority actually is…

When they fix the broken civs the chance of someone clicking random will go up.

When they tone down the OP civs the incentive to civ pick will go down.


More people gets to play the way they want leads to more alt F4’s?! Please explain the logic.

Please proof this statement for me. To me this is not clear at all. You know that pre DE random civ was the default value?

But this is not how the current system works. You can play a 4v4. 7 players want to play random civ, but since 1 player wants to play pick civ, it is pick civ for everyone. I used to enable random civ in team games, but most players just dont care about enabling it. It is useless in the current set up. In almost every team game there is at least one player who want pick games and thus force pick games on every one.

I do really think the ratio is that off. If i look back at Voobly, it was almost always Random civ. Only some noob seems to play with pick civs. So again: You claim pick civ is the majority. Please give me the proof.

Broken civs? I do feel like the balance is better then ever. At least compared to the Voobly time in which random civ became the default setting. I dont say there are no issues, but the current balance isnt a good excuse for not playing random civ at this moment.

Forum be like:

“Give people the option to get into a random-only civ queue”

but also

“Let me play on only Arabia, and balance every civ for arabia”

On the subject, I like the premise of only being matched against players who have picked random if you pick random, but I’m worried about splitting the queue like that leading to longer wait times in the long run. Same problem as with map picks, just in a different way.

I wanna play berbers and make genitours every game! … I do enable random tho.

No please no random queue. The way it works now its perfect. @bahvu why you dont just enable random and select random? you should be able to get variety of different matchups.

If you really hate this players which just knows a build order, select mirror and show them game isn’t just a build order!

Btw I selected Turks and my opponent was Turks too(I think mirror or random), and he resigned early game with no reason. So don’t lose confidence when a civ which you don’t wanted to play with.

In tg-s, when 4 people have pick civ and 4 random enabled, it should be rng, 5 people picking random, game should be random civ. System where 1 no random is majority is bs.
In 1v1, it should be possible for 1v1 random all the time. Mongols in steppe, persians nomad etc, feels boring. Havent seen many other civs on these maps. Sometimes 4games in a row vs same guy with same civ.

Why not implement a force random filter as well as leave the old toggle? That way the people who want to preferrably get random but also don’t want to wait too much get to keep it the way it is now and the people who want random at every price and are prepared to wait extra can also have it that way if they want?

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Options that split the ranked queue are bad. It will increase the waiting time for everyone. That is at least my opinion.

I wonder if there are statistics to how many ban what, it would be interesting data. I for one ban Arabia everytime I play, I wonder how much of a culprit I am for raising global wait times for just that reason

The problem is not with “pick/random” civ system, the problem is with queue system. If there is not that much players online, the system will put you with anyone in your elo because it doesn’t want you to keep waiting so long in queuing up matching, it will take more time and it will be slower if you just want to wait for a specific choice, the biggest example is “HOANG”.

Hoang always picks Celts, but he always play against random civs players like Viper, Hera, MBL…because if those players keep waiting they will take Hours to find someone in their elo so they played against Honag so much that he always picks Celts.
You need more players in the game to make the random switch more effective

In the current setup bans only matter after finding a match when the system picks a map. So in the current setup there is no penalty at all for banning maps (or picking favorite map).

Adding constraints to match making, will lead to an increase of queueing time, since less matches are possible. Someone with understanding of Queueing theory can probably can calculate the differences between the current system and an adjusted system with some more constraints. Such calculation will neglict a change in behaviour for players, which would also be a factor.

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