Randomizer not Randomizing?

I’ve been playing with the randomizer in the essence editor and was having trouble getting random assets to produce. The assets are consistently the same asset when the map is saved and does not “change each time the map is played” as described on the mod workshop page. I then looked into the Moscow scenario and found an example of the randomizer that is built identically to mine and the websites. I can get the assets to change inside the editor when manipulating the seed but when i play the Moscow scenario through the ingame scenario the assets are stuck the same way in the default asset’s saved version in the scenarios and also don’t randomize.

I’ve tried to attach a picture of the specific asset in the Moscow example with pics of the asset generating the same asset consistently. Please let me know if for some reason I am misunderstanding the point of the randomizer or if it is actually in a state of disfunction by not going through a “seed” change upon map initiation or the seed check for asset randomization may be before the seed is randomized and the randomizer never gets a new “seed” input

Hey @Arteliese! Take a look at the Support article on using Randomizers here and let me know if that helps at all. Good luck!

@SavageEmpire566 That is the exact page i’m mentioning, am I misunderstanding that “A Randomizer allows you to spawn a random asset at a specific location each time the map is played”? or does it just make random assets when manipulated inside the editor. As the webpage shows there is a chance at a chicken, coil, and cauldron. Does this mean every time I would play that map it would make a random selection based on the probabilities of a chicken, coil, and cauldron? Or does it mean that only while editing a crafted map while inside the editor that it will make random selections?

As I tried to show above, your own Relic scenario for the first Moscow mission has a replicator with a randomizer attached that randomizes a few map features with one being the farm I highlighted above.

As shown above the editor shows the Moscow farm’s randomizer seed being manipulated and changing the asset. When you run the game, as shown in my initial message, the asset is ONLY the defaulted loaded scenario’s asset. There is no change with each interval of the game played, again maybe i am misunderstanding this but again the link you provided specifically states, “A Randomizer allows you to spawn a random asset at a specific location each time the map is played”.

I have followed the webpage’s instructions multiple times and attempted to manipulate any and all parameters to get both the Moscow scenario and my own crafted maps to yield a random result through the randomizer through in game play. The webpage was my first source of reference and I have even tried using the exact template inside the Moscow scenarios from a few different scenarios to no avail.

Sorry, missed your response!

Yes, this is how it should work. If it’s not working as expected, then we should take a look. I’ll take it to the team.


Update on this one @Arteliese! The editor team tells me that a crafted map’s assets will always be static and not regenerated on play, but rather on map generation. So your thought above…

…is correct. We’ll get the Support article updated to minimize this confusion.

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