Randomly afking villagers/not following orders

Villagers just constantly (every 1-2 games) go afk and ignore orders all the time across the entire length of the game.

From not going to the blueprints to build them, to afking randomly in the woodline cause they were blocked for a second or two, all the way to “send back to work” ordering them when pushing them out of the TC/towers going afk in front of the ressource instead of starting to work there again (yes I send them in there directly from farming, not moveordered it first and then send them in, directly from work into the TC/tower and still happening).

It feels so increadibly annoying, that you have to babysit every single unit in case of pathfinding/building/sending them to work so increadibly hard, that I have to order them twice/thrice so flipping often that the game feels increadibly low quality.

Coming from SC2 masters and the game experience is so unbeliviably terrible just because of this.
(No quick building while microing possible, cause you have to check constantly if vills are really following orders).

I’ve only ever encounted villagers going afk when placing buildings, otherwise have never had villagers go afk for no reason. Not sure what causes the villagers to stop after ordered to place building though. Sometimes its with shift click to make multiple buildings, sometimes its with 1 villager or multiple, sometimes its just making 1 building, but always exclusively with construction. I think fog of war might be playing a part in this issue. I know sometimes you can place a building in fog and theres actually an animal carass there which makes the blueprint disappear when villagers arrive to place the foundation. The issue I’ve experienced isn’t from this particular feature though.

Hey @Keempf! Have you noticed if this only happens after loading a game?

Nope in general.

The vill AI in this game is just really really bad.
Not sure if it’s a “bug” in the most basic definition but yep.