Range indicator is a disaster

LOL the good old cube mod :slight_smile: I sometimes use it, but sometimes stop using it because it does feel weird

how to get into the beta forum ? maybe if more people gave suggestions for the same topic they would look at it properly?

What? :slight_smile:


There’s a link to it on the official AoE forum page/post that talks about everything included in the patch. I think it is called PUP program(?).

The way to interpret Mandala mod is to check if the range indicator touches the selection circle of units or not. The selection box for buildings is a square. Suppose we put a palisade wall around the TC with 6 tiles gap. At each side of the TC, 4 palisades touch a side of the range indicator and 2 palisades will touch a corner. These 6 palisades can be shot at from the TC.

If we repeat this setup with tower and a palisade wall with 8 tiles gap, the tower can only attack 3 of the palisades (the ones touching the age of Mandala indicators). The new DE range indicator would have implied at least 9 palisades are in range.

Most units have a bit of thickness. @AoE2and3fan this also explains why you feel like the range is actually 0.5 tiles more the number. In AOE ranges are not measure to centre of units but rather to the nearest edge. In the picture you shared, I am certain the selection circle of that crossbow goes a bit inside the 10 range of the donjon.

The coloured indicator changes with grid colour setting. At 100% black or 100% white grid, we get a pristine blue range indicator for player 1. At the middle, we get a black range indicator for all players.


Steam Library → AoE2 DE → Discussions → You can find PUP forum on the right
(But currently the April PUP is gone. They disappear once the patch is released)

You almost destroyed my faith in math :slightly_smiling_face: Until I did my own test. Check out this video:

See how the arb doesn’t get attacked at all when his circle/hitbox is >10 tiles away from the donjon. And later I began to dance across the border. Each time the arrow is shot, it is a frame where my arb stepped inside the range, and because of Ballistics, got shot outside the range. You either have the unit’s hitbox within the range, as @Haladon pointed out, or moved him out of the range after the arrow is released, as I did.


Yeah this is an issue. I would always want to turn on player color for better readability. But now it’s too ugly to look at.

Interesting, I find that at either 100% black, 100% white or transparent, the color is pure blue, but at 40% black or white it becomes gray. This is not intuitive, nor is it logical.

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Okay @Haladon and @PilgrimHYR, thank you for information and video! :slight_smile:
I redid my test more thoroughly. This time I clicked the crossbow, so that one can see his hitbox.

I got an unlogical result. If I approach the crossbow while being careful that its hitbox limit doesn’t touch the range limit, he doesn’t get shot at. :open_mouth:
This would mean the in-game range indicator is wrong. However, it’s not that simple.

If I now go inside the range and then in that famous gap (and actually even further away! Only the hitbox limit is still inside the gap), the crossbow will not only get shot at once thanks to ballistics, as @PilgrimHYR was referring to, but continuously, even if he now just stands still! (Until the crossbow’s hitbox limit doesn’t touch the shown range limit at all anymore). :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I’m very unsure about what’s going on… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Something is wrong, that’s for sure though. :confused:

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Could you post a video?

I could, but it would be quite the hassle and one wouldn’t see anything more, so what’s the point?

Because it would be clearer to inspect what was happening. But fine if it’s inconvenient for you. We have confirmed the range indicator is wrong.

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I wouldn’t say that we confirmed that the range indicator is wrong. I’d say we confirmed something is wrong. I wouldn’t be affirmative on what precisely. But that is the point of a bug report, the devs can sort it out. :slightly_smiling_face: