Ranged upgrade from the blacksmith are not working for streltsy

I play on steam; Version 5.0.8324.0

Prior to this update ranged upgrades from the blacksmith, Steel arrow, Balanced projectiles and platecutter point. All of these 3 would increase Streltsy ranged damage and at current patch it doesn’t.

You may test it yourself, Start a game Make 1 streltsy and start doing the ranged upgrades.

Was there a change that was not announced in the patch? Is this on purpose ?

Upgrades from blacksmith doesnt effect gunpowder units. There is even a note in the description. So its correct. Only chemistry from university will increase their DMG

Where exactly does it says that it doesn’t affect gunpowder units? To my understand siege units are, Springald, Mangonel, Nest of bees, Ram, Trebuchet and cannon.

This upgrade used to increase the ranged damage of streltsy and right now it is not doing it


The legend should say: “Increase the ranged damage of all non-siege units and buildings THAT SHOOT ARROWS by +1”

My guess that since the technology is named “Steeled Arrow” the developers assumed that It would be too obvious (and even offensive) include a note, but it seems that they were wrong.

Please, let’s ask the devs to fix this to avoid further confusion ASAP. I bet there are many players that are worried about this situation.

Agree that the text needs clarification to mention the exclusion of gunpowder units

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