Rank 1v1 matching never get improved

ME Opponent Difference
1673 1743 -70
1646 1683 -37
1646 1685 -39
1663 1726 -63
1681 1781 -100
1670 1738 -68
1670 1738 -68
1689 1738 -49

my last 8 games stat.
this issue was raised before, and to be honest, it really feel extremely bad that these matching system never balanced.

Stop wining against higher ELO players! congrats for the plays not for the post!

Well how long are your wait times? At this ELO there simply are not a lot of players that have a similar ELO. And they have to be also online and que at a similar time as you…

You are still playing against people close to you. The absolute difference might a bit larger, but your relative position on the ladder is still pretty close. So you are still playing against players around your level. You also seems to win against these players sometimes. I would even bet that your winrate is above 50% at this moment, since you are rated around 16xx-17xx (which is probably top 3% of the world or something like that).

You are just a bit unlucky with facing some higher rated players in a row. Sometimes that just happens. There isnt really a big issue with that in my opinion. It is not like you cant win any games. I think you still won 4 out of 8. That is pretty good. So i have no idea why you think these games arent balanced.

What’s the problem?
Playing against people with a 2 digit rating difference seems perfectly fine to me.
Also it’s not like there are thousands of players ranked between 1660 and 1680 (or whatever you’re expecting to get).
I notice that all 8 opponents were ranked higher than you, but you will also have streaks against lower rated opponents. 8 is just a very small sample size for such a thing.

Rather spend your energy complaining about the team game system, because that actually is really bad :wink:

Welcome to reality, there aren’t many players around 1800 and 1700 level(there are less and less the higher you get) so the MM grants them a game past 7 mins despite the unfairness, you could have got just a 3 min queue and then get paired vs them, it is terrible cause it demotivates players like you.

100 points is not a big difference but it gets worse when you see their highest, most of the 1700 guys have hit 1900 so when you face a player like that, you get outplayed by macro and better decisions.

Anyway you just need to break that barrier, at your level you can’t figure it out where you are cause you can hit 17++ vs 1500 players easily and then gets smashed vs another 17++ it gets confusing but it is the only way to improve, you need to change your perspective think of those 1700 as the same when you get paired vs 1500 players, on a bad day that 1500 can win you, so the difference is not that much, when you get better you will see that the difference in points was irrelevant in terms of skill difference.

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Three of those are below 50 rating difference. That can be a total of two wins more than you, thats nothing.
I don’t know about you, but the difference between my lowest and highest rating within the last week is about 90. So I don’t really see a problem here. Seems fair.

When Hera Ques up he constantly keeps getting the same pro player over and over, often times Viper or MBL, what’s up with that?? System is broken!

Or that’s just the closest player online to play against…