Rank distribution?

How is the distribution between the ranks? Let’s say diamond 1, what top% is this? Top 10%? Is there somewhere I can see this? What is the average rank?

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What I know is that it takes away more Elo when you lose a game than it gives you when you win.

Independent of the Elo of the opponent.

Really weird and counter-intuitive.

As for your question, here are the stats:


Well at least that makes sure you’ll be getting some wins again quicker

Holy crap, the bulk of players are in BRONZE!? That’s pretty amazing considering most games typically start players out at the middle rank and raise or drop them from there. I’m assuming everyone starts at zero and rises up instead.

It says english winrate is 43% at the highest level?

It sounds like it’s just bugged. Normally in ELO type rating systems, each game is zero-sum, with the winner gaining x rating, and the loser losing x rating. This is essential to avoid rating inflation or deflation. If it’s taking away more rating from the loser than the winner is gaining, everyone’s rating is going to trend downwards. Everyone can’t start from zero and rise up unless you have rating inflation, but that is undesirable because eventually everyone would be conqueror rating. If each game is zero-sum, then the starting ELO has to remain the average ELO, so if everyone started at zero, half of the player base would have a negative rating.


Don’t they usually inflate the first few wins though? I know I got 40-50 rating for my first three wins and ever since it’s been like 15-16 instead while my losses are around 30. What I don’t really get is how I was in Silver 2, faced a Silver 3, and as a result of losing to them, fell back into Silver 1. It feels like the ranks are very close together.

Yes, there is normally some violation of the zero-sum principle for the first games. This doesn’t violate the zero-sum principle overall, though, as equal numbers of players win and lose relative to the starting rating. Once you have an established player base, new players will tend to suck some rating out of the system as they will usually be worse than average when they start playing. But alt/smurf accounts that are better than average do the opposite, so the two effects cancel out to some extent. What they do in Rocket League is to apply a fairly small transformation to everyone’s ratings at the end of each season to counter any inflation or deflation that has occurred during the season.