Rank question: Eliminated player but team wins?

If you are eliminated in a team game but your team wins the game, do you gain or lose rank? Does it matter if you leave/close the game before the end of game?

Is the answer the same for AOK HD?

I made my own thread about the calculation of Elo. The calculation is unknown and somethings looks odd. Have a look in my own thread.

I would say if you got eliminated, you lose the game. So i would say you need to lose Elo. But like is said: The exact calculation is unknown.

A friend of mine got defeated in a 4v4 Black Forest, but our team still won the game. He stayed all the time as the spectator and in the end got some sweet elo for doing nothing. Don’t know if its the same when leaving before the game is finished.


Was this in DE or HD?

In DE a few days ago

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