Ranked - are you serious?

I played ranking matches against gold and plat, won some, lost some, got ranked bronze (tf?)

I play further I get ranked against gold and plat again (as bronze, lmfao) won, got 26! ranking points.

Like, how in this world is this reasonable?

I win against a dude ranked 5! divisions higher and get lousy 26 ranking points. I mean first of all i would belong into gold to start at, second: How in this world am I supposed to go further? I got ranked in a far lower division, and still have to play against my elo, so going with a 50% ± winrate is reasonable.
I now have to overcome gold and plat division at a 55% winrate to climb to silver? Are you really serious?

The moment I played that game it was bronze 2, and my opponent was gold, they gave me 51, it was just after everyone’s rating was raised by the new calculation, it didn’t benefit me because I had 6 games at that time

i will help to find an answer:

what about people with 5-0? should they be conquer.

u win GOLD → get +26, u loose → get - 5.
that’s how ELO works.

Ok, show us your rating at aoeiv.net
may be i’m just toxic…or… you hiding facts.

From my pov thats not how elo works in every game I ever played. You play against equal elo = you gain or lose the same amount of elo. If its like you descriped it, someday you would hit conquerer with only a 20% winrate?

Bronze, silver, gold, plat are a player’s rank, and not an indicator of how good they are. A player’s ELO is the indicator of how good a player is, but this isn’t shown to you. So you can’t conclude that you belong in gold based on how you play against players of different rank, because you don’t know what their ELO is. All of your opponents could have had bronze ELO while being ranked gold or plat.

Basically, ELO = player skill. Rank = ELO/skill + games played, i.e. the more games someone has played, the more their rank moves above their skill level.


oh wow so whats the point on this ranking system anyway if it´s just an indicator how much games one has played, lmfao.

If your games will be ONLY against MarineLord - easily.

if it will be against ML, come and ask again… but i doubt you win consistently against Higher ratings players.

random plastique league from aoe4world.com

i did not find any magic “conq vs bronze”

You tried but you bad at math.
Learn how ELO works… or show examples so ppl can explain to u…
or… cry and create another thread.

for now ppl just do not understand how rank is given.

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The match is paired purely based on “hidden elo”, which is somehow loosely correlated with the visible rank. When you are matched with people Beyond/under your league, keep in mind that the skill are not far different. e.g. There were at least 5 “conq III” players (elo > 1600) who have hidden point lower at diamond level (elo < 1400) based on the data on June 23rd.

That being said, you can be a bronze I player who has hidden elo in gold league if your conqueror opponent has hidden elo the same as you, you can be matched, even if you win, your gained point won’t be that different from winning over another bronze league player who has the same hidden elo as you.

From what I can find the biggest different match up would be the current #11 on the rank ladder, got matched with gold league players

On the other hand if we look at the number 1 we see that most of his games are with players half his rank.

So we can asume that a low ELo (hidden) player can be matched half the time with even lower elo players and win his way to upper brackets avoiding or dodging high elo players.

As long as the Elo is hidden we can’t see exactly how it works. We only see the Rank.

It isn’t only games played, it’s a combination of skill and games played. The higher someone’s skill, the easier it is for them to reach a given rank. You can see from this that on average, you gain 2.5 rank points per game played:

So if someone’s skill remained constant, their ELO would be rank points minus ( 2.5 x games played ). In practice, of course, people improve as they play, so their current ELO will be higher than this.

I think this isn’t actually a bad idea, it means that you can reach conqueror by either being very good, or being very dedicated, or a mix of both. The less good you are at the game, the more dedicated you have to be. It hasn’t been made all that clear that this is what they have tried to achieve, but we can infer it from what they have said.

This is the pic in which the OP cliamed to be from aoe4world.com

You can see that there is one conq. I guy who has the hidden elo as low as gold (and a dozen more in plat) in which they shares the same hidden elo with a lot of bronze players. Therefore, conq and bronze can ofc be for sure matched to each other.


That´s exactly what I meant. I am ranked bronze with a hidden Elo what is guessed about 1050~, so I have to face people with the same Elo and they are ranked between bronze - plat. So what is this rank all about if its not elo/skill?

And I still dont get how to climb out of bronze if I sit on a reasonable 50% winrate and have to face same elo players, meaning I will be staying on about 50% if I dont get better/worse. So I will be in Bronze now forever if I dont change my gameply drastically and have to overcome gold players just to climb to silver ranks, while another player sits on plat with the same amount of skill? I dont get this.

At this stage, you mainly gain rank points from where you are by playing games. With a 50% win rate you gain 100 rank points every 40 games you play. If you really do have around 1050 ELO, I’d guess you will start season 2 at much higher rank points, and your season 1 rank points are due to you having had lower skill than 1050 ELO when you started. If your skill improves and you win over half your games, it only takes a few more wins than losses to gain quite a lot of rank points.

You can also play quick match, which is purely ELO-based, rather than ranked, if you want a better idea of your ELO for your own interest.

that’s what it all about.

  1. wait season 2
  2. win all 5 qualification games.
  3. get gold rank cause u willbe first with 5-0 → esy rank
  4. be afk and do not lose elo.

easy as that\

6 games. LOL. Is it 5 games from qualification + one ranked game?

TheViper got platinum 3 after his first 5 games, he was unranked at the start of this video:
The Dark Age Men-at-Arms Rush | English vs Abbasid - YouTube

I wonder if his quickmatch ELO played any part in that.

100% no. (cause why devs need to do extra work?)
When he qualified he won very very strong opponents, so he could get high ELO
Now you can get weaker opps and get a little bit lower rank with same 5-0.
But it does not matter.

i found this guy.

6 games.
qualified with 3L 2W

he won this guy:

he was 600-700rating and after “devs fix he recieve +120 points”.


even wining 50% you will get more points

let’s look at @ proxtoin opponent

+22 with 50/50wr

just need to play more than 1 game.

1 ranked game.

I played several rts Games, and in none of it did a bronze player have to overcome gold and plat to even reach silver division. You only have to be better then your own division to move on to the next one, THAT is the point in my opinion.

But I see how this system works now, so thx for explaining, I dont wanna start a rant, still I think its a little bit retarded.

PS: ingame it showed me +26, and I thought I will lose also ~26 by losing like in every other rts thats why I posted this, so my appologies on this

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yes, It’s retarded that you need to play more than 1 ranked game.
So retarded.

u need ~20 10W +10L to get in 1000 ELO. (for winning u get +50, for losing against 1k ELO -10)
but no… let’s play one game…and create topic.

Why you need play game, if you can create topic\\

should they put you at 1200 ELO, so you will loose 100% of games after qualifications?

Its retarded that they let you play 5 ranking matches against ~1k elo and then rank you on 650, lol. And now chill, I appologized.

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